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Coughing - another possibility


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Have some information to share..

Due to recent brain melting at work, I was required to see my GP before returning to work... We discussed the melting, the stress, etc., and then I told her about my cough. I was kinda reluctant to mention it, after all, this entire journey for me started with a dry cough and pneumonia...

Mark wasn't with me for the appointment, he's hurt his back pretty bad, so I didn't want to ask questions that might have "bad" answers (chickensh*t, I know...). Anyhow, I mentioned the annoying cough to her - I cough, I have a hard time STOPPING coughing and feel rather exhausted after a coughing fit (catching my breath afterwards is another story). Since my scans have been clean, "the Dragon" wasn't causing the cough...

According to my GP, adults begin to lose their immunity to whooping cough and it's pretty high right now in adults. Another name for whooping cough is Pertussis, Bordatello Pertussis, to be exact. (The "P" in DPT booster.) Of course, if you don't think you have the disease, you may not want to be screened for it - it involves having something akin to a wire hanger shoved up then down your nose - one nostril at a time. It was not fun...and I can imagine a horrible task for a tech when testing children. Haven't received my results yet, but was put on antibiotics as precaution (Zithromax) and prescribed Tessla Pearls.

I apologize for my mistakes in spelling, the ol' brain ain't working at 100% yet and my skill level seems to be declining. Soon "kat" will be a foreign word...

Take care,


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Are you trying to become the poster child for the person with the most diseases ever? Look out Guiness.

Coat hangers traveling thru my body does not sound like fun. Hope the results are negative, but I hope they find what's causing the cough.


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I keep telling Steve, "You don't have to try out EVERY possible procedure - there's no Guiness Record for that, is there?" Wow, sure sounds like this is one to miss. Just hope they can figure things out soon and give you some answers.

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