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" Conclusion : Probable Extensive Metastatic Disease Of The Pelvis. "

" Findings : There is extensive heterogenous bony destructive change involving the entire left pubic bones and ischium. Possible pathologic fractures of the pubic bones are observed. The right pubic bone shows similar changes centrally. "

P.S. This news is particularly discouraging because the updates on her brain and spine were favorable. The oncologist says that this damage may or may not reflect CURRENT tumor activity. In other words, at least some of this may be old damage. Not sure if this is a realistic possibility or he is just trying to comfort a very upset patient.

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Hi Bill

It is always so discouraging to get this kind of news. I too hope that it is old growth, not new. It seems that alot of doctors like to give the worst case scenario, and surprise you with good news at the last minute, so if your doctor is suggesting at the outset that this could be 'old spread', then I would grab onto that with both hands!!

All the best to you both,


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My vote is on "old stuff", too.

Are these findings going to affect the plans for her chemo/treatment?



Thanks to Jane and all of the other positive thinkers. The oncologist offered to stop chemo and order radiation for the pelvis. But, he tried to discourage my wife from doing so at this time. He would like to continue with the chemo and hold off on the radiation until later OR until her hip pain worsens. She ( we ) decided to trust his judgment on this and postponed the radiation. He basically argued that there are several pitfalls to interrupting the chemo and administering radiation at this time. Do you agree ? And, has anybody been faced with a similar situation ? If so, what did you do ?

Thanks. BTW, my wife's bio is added per Don Wood's suggestion.

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