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I'm impressed


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Hello all... I am Jack, the husband of Cheryl Ferguson and we are relatively new to the site. I must admit, in a world where we hardly have time for our friends and neighbors, I am quite impressed with the love and caring expressed from people on the board. Cheryl has been diagnosed with 3ab adenocarcinoma and we have a tough road ahead. Though we have a challenge, I can't help but think how being involved with you folks will be a bg plus.

People like DaveG... what a warrior you are! I'd have you on my team anyday. We are all stronger by reading your words of wisdom...no fancy packages, just the facts. You are admired by all. Keep up the fight, we are behind you all the way. Please feel free to contact us anytime?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to some of the caregivers and their loved ones as well. Carleen... you sound like me when you say "get mad at this disease," I have been saying it over and over again to Cheryl in hopes that she will be determined to do so. Our thoughts are with you and your husband during these trying times and thank you for our comments, they are very inspiring! LindaMRG has had some kind words as her dad is facing that in which all of us have in common. Thanks so much Linda, we are thinking of you daily. AnnieMac and her husband are facing surgery today... Praying for a successful outcome and please keep us posted. Don Wood and his wife of 44 years. Wow, congrats! We know your love for each other will carry you thru this. You are one of Cheryl's favorites... we have been married for 20 years and would truly love to equal your numbers! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

We see that nothing is slowing down Tiny... thanks for your caring thoughts and yes, you are an inspiration too. It seems as if yo are living your life regardless of what you encounter. My hat's off to you and thanks for your show of support.

Thanks to Terrie, both good advice and experience is what you bring. You seem to be doing very well since your surgery in January... keep up the good work!

Both you and DavidA seem to be fighters and willing to take on the challenge. Shelliemacs also fills in with some positive advice and we are keeping our thoughts with you as well. Keep up the good attitude!

I agree with BeckyG... If you are not happy with your doc...kick him to the curb. A lot of tmes they seem to be a deterent in ones recovery. If negetivity is all you seem to get out of him/her, send him packing!

Finally, ConnieB. I am sure you have heard it a hundred times but one more time shouldn't hurt. You are the inspiration for most of us! These past eight years have had to change your life. One could only hope for your passion to live and the determination it takes to succeed. I am not only impressed with the ConnieB as a survivor, but also the ConnieB as a person. You and Cheryl were both dianosed at the age of 43 with similar problems. You are proof that this can be beat. Our continued prayers stay with you and yours.

Cheryl and I just purchased our dream home.. with our horses and dogs we were really starting to settle in and enjoy life. We still want to live 'till we get old and grumpy! Having all of you on the team gives us hope! Thank you all so much! We love you all!

(Jack-N-Cheryl)- Dallas area

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Welcome Jack,

I am glad you and Cheryl both have found this board. It is truly a wonderful group of people. There are a lot of people here that I agree are impressive. They really inspire me, they encourage me, give me hope, and I admire them so much. I've never seen such displays of courage, faith and love anywhere else before.

This board, and the people here have helped me in so many ways. You're right, being involved is a big plus.

Hope to hear from you both, often. Keep us informed on how things are going, and we will be doing all we can from here to help. I myself am sending you prayers.


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Jack and Cheryl,

Your post was an inspiration in its turn, and an example of the reciprocity of this board...we GIVE and we GET!

Also, it is always nice to receive more personal information about our fellow members, such as the facts of your new home, the horses and dogs, etc. It makes me feel even closer to my "Cyber Family".

Thanks for the positive vibes and uplifting reinforcement.

Praying for the BEST possible outcomes for us all.

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Jack, thanks so much for a beautiful tribute to us all. We appreciate you taking the time to do that. We love Cheryl and it is so good to meet you, too. I'm betting you will get to 44 years, and I am so pleased you have the home and surroundings you wanted. Good for you. Blessings. Don

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Cheryl and Jack

I am honored that you included me in your posts. Although we are all under extreme stress. We all have more human decancy than some of my family members or even so called best friends.

My mom too is stage 3a-b and I tell her daily about you all and how she has to fight the good fight and she will win the war.

So again, thank you for your posts and I hope we can help each other through this battle.

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Hello Cheryl and Jack,

I, too, was flattered and honored to find my name in your posts. I didnt realize you were so young, Cheryl, youre only a few years older than me, Im 38. You know Im praying for everyone on this board nightly.

I wanted to know what 3A-B means? My father has one lung tumor on upper right lobe and one mediastinal node. He is 3A. Why would someone be 3AB?

Sorry we have to meet like this, but it is nice to meet you both.

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Jack and Cheryl, this place is amazing...and it IS the people that make it so. I have found this to be a place to come to for information as well as support, a sounding board and a comfort zone. I hope that you continue to post, whether with news, opinions, to provide support or information...ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE WELCOME AND APPRECIATED... Take care of yourselves and WELCOME ABOARD!!! Deb

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Jack, you hit the nail squarely on the head. This site is great, full of caring, compasionate, fun people who are all going through the same thing. Attitude and support can make the difference in our lives as we go through this.......thing. I am so glad you and your wife have found this site, let us know how things are going as you progress along the road ahead. My prayers are with you and your wife.

David C

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Jack and Cheryl

I am so glad you found this site. You wrote the words I felt when I first found this site. What a wonderful comfort zone it has become for me. Not only have I gotten a lot of great advice, I am now able to share with others. So, I guess what goes around comes around.

I feel like I know everyone on this board personally. When Fran died recently, I realized how important a posted picture of each of us meant. When I read the posts its almost like I'm talking directly to the person who wrote it. So it made me get a photo of myself posted.

Good Luck and God Bless

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Hey Cheryl and Jack,

I have to tell you two that your cheerful stories regarding your eating out, are HILARIOUS!!! Your tooo tooooo FUNNY!! What a HOOT!! I would Love to go out to eat with you to just for the entertainment end of it!! :lol::lol::lol: Don't want to pick up your tab though, being you don't pay a LOT of attention to the menus and prices!!! HAHAHALOL!!!!

I also want to thank you Jack for the very kind words you shared with me and about me. BLESS YOUR HUGE HEART!!! I am LIVING PROOF this crap can be beat!! And Cheryl, there is NO reason you can't beat it right along with me! YOU GO GIRL!!! Kick some cancer *ss!!!!

Hope all is going well, and what ever you do, DON'T LOSE THAT SENSE OF HUMOR you two have! It's AWESOME!! Could you be a NICER looking COUPLE??? Nice picture!! One thing I have learned about lung cancer patients is, we are the nicest looking people I know!!!


Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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