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hard to breathe

David A

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It is about 60 deg here tonight perfext night to sleep with the window open, my neighbor has decided to put a fire in his fireplace, the houses are staggered here and I think his chimney is defective because the smoke is coming right in our home, the smoke isn't going up I can see a whiff come in every now and then and I'm choking no oen window .

don't mean to witch but this sucks.

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How awful! You are right, it is a gorgeous night here in Flushing too, but our neighbors are having a bonfire.. same type of problem and while I don't have lc I do have congestive heart failure.. so can't breath either. They do seem to have put their fire out now thankfully. I agree you could talk to them but we do have a fan in the window that blows out and that does help.

Hope you and yours have a good Sunday, Praying for you.


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You poor old thing! I know how you feel. We have a lot of wood stoves in Northern California in the spring, winter and fall, and forest fires in the summer! Most of the time it is ok, but when there was a recent fire in Colfax, CA last week, we had to keep our windows closed, and without air conditioning, it can get hot. We do have a swamp cooler, but that doesn't keep out all of the smoke. Good luck. tricia

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