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I totally embarassed myself today.....


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We had our weekly calender meeting at work (it is a law office). Someone asked "is anyone knwowledgable about Iressa and disability"?

Well OF COURSE I said I know all about Iressa and started to explain about it..........Everyone is looking at me like I am crazy :shock:

What he meant was "ERISA", the Employee Retirement Income Security Act". :oops::oops::oops: There was some new ruling recently dealing with disability from work and ERISA

In my defense, ERISA is pronounced just like IRESSA and the firm does do a lot of medical malpractice work, so I thought it was logical. :P

Everyone else just thinks I am mental :roll:


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I'm hee heeing right with you, Andrea. As you know, I also work in a law office and we do some ERISA work. I can just see something like that happening. How funny! Don't worry, it will give them something to tease you about for years to come! Every lawyer has to have something the others can pick on. We have a lawyer that wore pink pants to work about a month ago. They were really kind of a rose color, but everybody called them "pink." He will NEVER live that down! He hasn't worn the pants since.



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Does that explain my husband telling me this AM that I knew about him golfing this evening, that he told me several times, that I even marked it on the calender. I went to my calender in the kitchen today was blank. Donna G

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That's just TOO funny . . . I used to work in the retirement investment industry, so I'm familiar with ERISA. Sure wish I'd been a fly on the wall in that room!


So which one of you has chemo brain - you or your husband?!



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I think the chemo brain is an osmosis thing in family members and caregivers. :wink:

Andrea, if they ever do have a case come up involving Iressa you will be the first person they call! You never know when all this knowledge is going to come in handy. :wink:

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