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new member from down under


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hi everyone, :D

finally after about a month of reading everyone elses messages i have felt able to join in. in feb03 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before she started chemo(28th april) we found out my husband had lung cancer so while she was under going her treatment we were in the doctors descussing my husbands options. so coming across this site was a god send to me it helped me with lots of useful info. george is now on his 2 chemo cycle he has been really good no sickness mild nausa.his last xray showed tumour has shrunk.

DX 28/03/03 NSCLC 111A Chemo Cisplatin Vinorelbine 3 cycles. then pet scan and hopefully opp to remove lung

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Welcome Sandra Ann. Talk about stress! Wow , you have had some. I had chemo and radiation before I had surgery also. I hope and pray the tumor is very sensitive to the chemo and is wiped out. Keep us posted on his progress. Donna PS My husband was over in Australia last month on business bought me home some things from there. Wow what a long flight.

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Hi Sandra from down under,

So so sorry to hear about all you are going through. Hope everything comes out great for both your mom and spouse.

I have known so many women friends with breast cancer and all have made it through great. some are in their 2 or 3 year remission and others are up to 25 yrs of remission......

Your husband will have a fight also but if he is a fighter he will make it to see many more great years with you. Keep the faith. God Bless.

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Hi there, Sandra Ann,

It sure sounds like George is well on his way to having surgery, since it has already shrunk some. We will all hope things go that way!

Remember: The power of positive thinking can change your life! JudyB

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Hello Sandra Anne; and welcome;

Boy you do have a bit on your plate, but sounds like George is doing well, I'll be praying he gets the surgery. I was a stage IIB, didn't need the chemo. or Rad. but they did remove my left lung. That was over 2 years ago.

Doing just fine today. You will find much support and many survivors here.

Again welcome, God bless and do keep us posted.

Bobmc - NSCLC- stage IIB - left pneumonectomy 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Sandra welcome...i have to say I am in LOVE with Australia and have never been there but new south wales is where i would like to head to. SOME DAY SOME DAY. Sorry you have to be here but again welcome everyone here is so nice, supportive and great friends.

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Guest DaveG

Sandra Ann:

I'll just add to what has been said here. Soryy you have to find us, but glad you are here. The internet absolutely amazes me, there you are in Australia communicating with a bunch of Yanks, all for a local telephone call.

I hope your husband and mother are both doing well with their chemo. As you see by my signature I can relate well to the chemo.

Again, make yourself home here and you have found a very friendly and caring group of people, even if we are Yanks. :wink:

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Hi Sandra Ann,

So glad you found us but am sorry for the reason that brought you here.

This is an incredibly supportive group of very loving friends. I know that you can come here anytime to share your thoughts and concerns. I pray that your mom and your husband have successful treatments. This is why we are called survivors.

Blessings to you,


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Hello SandraAnne.

It's always good to hear about shrinking tumors. It's a tough gig to have to support two people with cancer at the same time. Just

a minute while I straighten something out...HEY DAVE G. I feel left out! Don't forget us Canuks here on the board - there's a bunch of us!

So SandraAnne, I had surgery 26 years ago, and I'm now racing mountain bikes. There IS life after cancer surgery!! Take care, and G'Day

David P.

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