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Happy 21st Aniversary Tomorrow!


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Thank you my dear friends for the "Anniversary Wishes." I am starting to sink into that chemo fog, or maybe its just the end of the week.

For all of you who also have an anniversary, congratulations! Peggy, did you get my PM? I was so tired last night, I can't remember if I sent it. How embarassaing :oops: . I wanted you to know how touched, and flattered I was by your posts to me. You have the ability to make one feel so supported and comforted. I sing praises to you and all of my friends. I thank God for bringing you to me.



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Happy belated anniversary wishes, Cheryl and Jack!

You're just beginners -- you've got to work hard to catch up with Len and me -- 42 years in October (yes, I was a child bride) but I'm confident you'll get there. Don't let the chemo brain get you down - it's worth putting up with to get rid of those nasty cells so you can move on from "mere" stable.

And I know it doesn't keep you from experiencing the beauty of everything around you, as you expressed so wonderfully. Thank you for sharing your perceptions with us all.


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Happy belated anniversary Cheryl and Jack.

I don't get to this forum much. It sounds like your treatments are moving steadily in the right direction, Cheryl. I hope things continue to go well for you. Hey Cheryl, when I come down to ride with Lance can I stop by your ranch for a visit? It sounds like such a wonderful place to be. Take care, and here's to the next 21 years!!

David P.

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"You think the misery of having to endure chemo would just cure me!"

Amen, Cheryl! Just shows how unfair this whole darn stinking disease is.

Your description was lovely. You are blessed to have such a beautiful scene to look at, as you obviously know. God is sticking with you and Jack; it shows in your gratitude for His gifts. Best wishes, Teresa

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Hey David,

We would love you to visit. I would call it more a ranchet than a ranch though. We only have 7 1/2 acres! Ha! But the neighbors have sprawling land as far as the eye can see.

I thank you all for the "Anniversary Wishes." Jack took te picture off to put up another. I will have to get someone with a computer and scaner to put another up. I will get a new one up soon. I am kinda hoping my mare has her baby to post a picture.



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