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Happy 21st Aniversary Tomorrow!


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Hey Gang,

Our 21st Aniversary is tomorrow!" I bought a card weeks ago, so I would not forget. I am the one who is bad about remembering dates around here.

I I had chemo today. All my blood counts were normal. It can take up to 6 weeks for blood to build back up so I am recovering well- hope today didn't wipe me out to bad. The doctor compared scans to previous ones, all were the same. No new cancer, it is still pretty early to see progress though, only my third chemo. All plueral effusions are pretty much gone, with a little still in the pericardial area. So is going pretty good I guess. I am hoping God sees it to shrink the cancer away on future treatments. I know, stable is fine, but you think the misery of hving to endure chemo would just cure me, Ha! High Expectations you say? Nah, hopelessly optomistic maybe. Anyway, no weird side effects or anything from the chemo so far. I little neuropathy in mt big toes, which I can deal with.

It was pretty warm here. Jack and I turned off the air because we were gone pretty much all day due to my chemo, and the temperature is dropping. The sun is setting and the coolness is now enveloping me as I sit in the recliner next to a window. I am looking outside and see miles of flat pastures and smell the exotic, peppery plants that have wildly taken over landscape. It is so peaceful and quiet. I am watching my horses fondly groom each others neck, and beat black flies off their backs with the flick of long tails. The sun takes a bow and yet another splendid day, comes and goes. Oh Thank you God for letting me feel your gentle breezes, as I marvel at yet another original sky that no one will look upon again. I can feel our lord all around me, as I see his hand in the beauty he created for us. Be comforted and not afraid, he is here with us all. Good night my friends, sleep well.

"I a holding you by your hand-I the lord God-and I say to you, Don't be afraid; I am here to help you.

Isaiah 41:13



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Can you see my tears through cyberspace? I can see God smiling down on you and so pleased that you gave Him all that glory. He loves to be praised and thanked, and to receive it from someone like you who is going through so much suffering and pain and worry and fear, and to shout it to the world in public like this without embarrassment must please him beyond our comprehension. I stand in awe of you.

God loves His child called Cheryl.



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Happy Anniversary, Cheryl and Jack!

May you see many more....

Cheryl, thank you for painting that wonderful picture with words...

I hope you're keeping a journal or something to collect those gems in.

That was a lovely gift for you to give us all on your anniversary!

love ya!


Prayers always,


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