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Anyone here from Central PA?


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Hello All,

I am getting a little attention from the letters I have been writing. So far, the local paper has contacted me and asked if I wanted to write a column about my experience of losing my Dad to LC, but I was also asked if I knew of anyone from around here that would also like to share their story. Sounds like they will be making a serious effort to get more coverage on lung cancer.

If you're around this area or know of someone that is and would like to participate, please let me know!



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I am in Southern NJ, so not exactly "close", but I just wanted to say that I aplaude your efforts in spreading the word and hope that someone here can lend a hand (and their story) for the cause!!!

I'm trying to stir up some media interest for my LC Walk in November, so I know how hard it is to generate stories on our behalfs -- way to go -- Keep up the great work!

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