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I am safe for a couple months!


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Hi All

Got my cat scan results yesterday! Had my last chemo treatment 3 weeks ago!

The Doc thinks I am in remission!!! Since I started my treatments Feb. 7,2003 the cancer in the lymth nodes around the waist is gone!!! The right lung cancer is gone the lymth nodes between the lungs is a speck! The tumor in the left lung is about 3/4 the size it started out to be!!! : :lol::lol:

I go back in 2 mo for another cat scan! Til then I am going to get ALL my strenght back & enjoy LIFE :!::!: So I be ready to start again if need be!

I really feel I won a battle! :wink: As was on oxygen 24/7 and the Dr. had given me 3 months to live! Now don't even have oxygen in the house! Don't need it!!!

my hubby and I going on a little minni trip leaving today! We are just getting in the car & going don't know where we will end up but plan on being gone about 5 days!



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Guest Tim'sKathy


That is FANTASTIC news !!!! Hope you and your hubby have a great trip...try and forget the cancer for a few days...I only hope that Tim

has news this GREAT when we go back to the Dr. on Monday !!!


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Hey Estelle!


You and your wonderful hubby go have yourself a heck of a GREAT time away from home!! Minnesota is nice this time of year!!! How fun for you both!!! I am thrilled for you!!!


Have fun and we'll hear from you when you get back for your honeymoon?! hehehehehe!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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what great great news---you enjoy your trip and try not to think about the "c" word when you are away

regards Eileen

nsclc stage 1A lobectomy 6/00

3 YEARS!!!

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