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Petscan MRI - Wants to see us in office


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So Monday my husband had a Petscan and Tuesday the MRI. We thought we might hear something Tuesday afternoon but Doctor was out. This morning the front desk calls and says he wants to see us Friday - doesn't want to discuss it on the phone. I've been on pins and needles since yesterday waiting for results and am now petrified that it's not good. He sooo needs a break and time to regain some strength. Just venting - he's gone for awhile and I can finally break down - don't like to do that when he's around:) Does your oncologist give you results on the phone or does he call you in - regardless? Best to all of y'all who are dealing with this beast.

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I don't exactly have an answer for this - we always have an appt set up and we just go in and she tells us. It may not be so bad. Hope not. What has this doctor done in the past, call or wait for an appointment or until you contact her?

I guess you could call and ask one of the nurses - she might give you some indication.

I just wanted to lend a good thought and to tell you, my husband and I are in somewhat of the same boat. Diagnosed in January, latest PET Scan 10/1 and already have an appt for Friday to get the results. I'll be thinking of you, too.

I have just "let it go" sorta, best I can. I hope I am wrong but I am expecting bad news on Friday. I am just trying to hang on to - we are better off than when we started, even if it is bad news. There is still far to go ...

Lots of love, Margaret

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I don't really know what your doctor means by not wanting to discuss over the phone, but I have to tell you, my surgeon called me on the phone personally and gave me my PET scan results, and the news was not good. I appreciated not having to wait to go back there and wanted to know ASAP. So, what I'm trying to say is that they don't always insist you go in when the news isn't good.

Maybe it's this: Maybe there are a variety of treatment options to consider at this point and it would make a lot more sense to spend some time with the doc in the office to discuss each in detail.

Good luck--waiting is the worst, I know. I feel for you right now.......


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Hoping this isn't bad news MJB. My positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. I know what you mean about trying to hold on to your emotions until you are on your own. I try to do the same thing, but I am not always successful these days. Love and Prayers, Paddy.

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Thanks to you all. I am always humbled by the response and caring on this board - particularly when I get to thinking I'm living on this different planet from everyone else. In here I'm not.

Margaret- my thoughts will be with you as well. We'll both have to come on and report results on Friday.

Paddy, Cindy & Peggy - Thanks for the response and prayers. It gets hard to remember what and how things were done over the last 9 months. We've gotten good and bad news over the phone and from different doctors. This one normally gives us immediate feedback either way - guess that's why it threw me for a loop. But I'm better now - thank you all. Fingers crossed, praying for patience (and right now!). Friday will get here. Will try not to whine:) Take care.

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I don't blame you one bit for being upset. Like Paddy said, its scanitis. I get it sometimes weeks ahead of scans and that last week is terrible. We always have an appointment set up for a few days after the tests and see the doctor. He then tells us the results face to face. So far they have been good....I go Oct 22 for a CT/PET...will not know until the following Tuesday. Try to think about anything else..I know easier said than done. Take care and the best of luck to you and Margaret on Friday.


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The wait can be the hardest part of having tests done...but try not to invent worries. Perhaps your doc just prefers to discuss results in person....OR maybe if it's good news, he wants to share that in person so he can see your happy smiles!?

FWIW, my hubby had a message on the machine from his internist recently, saying his chest xray showed some pleural thickening and that he wanted him to have a follow up CT scan. BUT...the doc then said it was "nothing to worry about" and for my hubby to call him. Well, we left town right after that....and the whole time we were gone, my hubby stewed over what this pleural thickening could mean....even though the doc said it wasn't anything serious. (I looked it up on the net, too...and found it's mostly associated with mesothelioma OR tuberculosis...and there is virtually no way my hubby could have either disease...but even that didn't allay his worries.)

He talked to the doctor last night, finally...and the doc thinks it's related to his lifelong issues with bronchitis and asthma. The thickening is likely scar tissue...but as he said before, nothing serious!!

My point with all of that...is that he worried for nothing even though the doc left him a message SAYING not to worry about it!! :roll: And in your case, the fact that the doctor wants you to come in...doesn't necessarily mean it's because he has bad news. Some doctors just prefer not to tell a patient anything over the phone! If they have you come in.....for one thing....they can also charge you for an office visit! :roll:

I'm winging some strong, positive thoughts your way for good news...and also some Margaret's way!! Please let us know how things go. And in the meanwhile, try to believe in the possibility of some good news! I'm really hoping that you get that break, and the news is all good!

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hi MJ,

In my 'cancer-induced' way of thinking and rationalizing i would hope his not seeing you guys 'till Friday might be a positive sign in itself. Don't want to give false hope, just that if it were something terrible seems as though he might have wanted to see you sooner.

I remember when my journey first began and my local doctor had me come in the morning after recieving my scans, i knew it was something big because he is always booked up, so to see me first thing A.M. .....long sleepless night no doubt.

I hope all goes well and you report back here ASAP of wonderful, terrific news, OK?

Because He lives,


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I get the written results (not film or CD) straight from hospital. The only time my primary did call was to tell me over the phone there was a mass in my lung. That was on the phone! Other, than that no calls, just follow up visits. For some reason, there are doctors, who insist on seeing a patient even when the test is negative. I'm praying very very hard.


Artist formerly known as Cat


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