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prayers please


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Please keep my Mom in your paryers today as she is going to have some tests run to find out what is causing this terrible pain in her back and rib cage.

She had a chest exray on Monday but it came back inconclusive, so today she will have a chest ct and a bone scan. I am so afraid that is is on her bones and the chemo and radiation she has endured the last 4-5 months has not worked. Im trying to be positive here its just so hard. I realize it could be any number of things...gallbladder,she has a hernia right where the pain is and maybe it has decided to start acting up. Does anyone know about hernias and if they can cause bad pain like that? Mom can barely stand up straight. its either her back hurting or her rib cage.

I am so scared and she is also, the not knowing is killing her. Thank you in advnce for the prayers as we start a day of tests, and dr said she would have results back tomorrow. Thank you and god bless us all


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I know where you're coming from. Sometimes other things crop up and we forget that it could be something else than cancer. My hubbie got terribly sick to his stomach with awful pains, vomiting that wouldn't stop, and it turned out to be a blocked bowel requiring emergency surgery.

Wishing you the best and by the end of the day hope you know what is going on and treatment started.


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Evening all:

Short update on Mom. She was unable to have the bone scan, as the pain was unbearable when she tried to lie down on the table. So we took some pain pills and xanex, and got her comfortable enough to do the cat scan and should know something by the afternoon tomorrow.

From endless research, and numerous calls with he nurse, I have almost ruled out this being cancer related(as in growing or spreading). Seems to fir all the signs and sysmpton of pluerisy. She has had the before and says the pain is bad enough. Hopefully it will be someone a quick round of antibiotics will fix. Not real sure though of the tretment if it is that. Nurse also mention effusion and I said pluerel? and he said kinda, but not that. So if anyone has dealt with pluerisy or maybe knows what nurse(Bill)might be referring too I would appreciate any info.

Thanks and hopre everyone has a nice evening


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