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I spoke to mom (Paddy) last night. Dad is still in the hospital and they were waiting for the doctor to come in and read an xray then remove the chest tube...OUCH! Just I was getting ready to say goodbye the doctor( who is standing in for dad's GP who is in Texas for his son's surgery) came in. Hopefully, that all went well.

That "talc" substance was finally put in. I guess it was two siringes(sp?). It is supposed to help the lung stick to the lining better. I think that is right?

The other bit of news is not so good. Mom and Dad got a visit from a hospital social worker who gave them lots of paperwork and info on hospice. Dad is still taking the Iressa at this point. They have made no decisions. I'm glad the social worker came into discuss this option but it is an unpleasant thing to think about .... no matter if it is a possibility right now.

Dad was not feeling like eating according to mom. I didn't get to talk to him as he was pretty sleepy and then the doc. came in. He doesn't have any more strength or energy.

Oh, Dad's GP (who is in Texas) called to see how things were doing. That was very nice of him especially as he is there for his family.

Mom also said that the nurses have been very sweet to dads. There are two pretty special ones but overall their stay has been made so much better by the nursing staff. That is so good to hear.

Hopefully we will know when Dad can go home and what the plan is for that.

I wish it were better news but this is it so far.

Thanks for you continued prayers.

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Am very glad your Dad is getting the chest tube out and that the level of care from the medical staff is good.

Talk of hospice is frightening for sure, but they may just be going over all of the options while your Mother and Dad are there. Much better to do this in person than over the phone. This way, if your Dad ever does need hospice, they will have the information they need.

Tell your folks that we are thinking about them and praying for good results.

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Dear Karen,

Although the news isent wonderful, it also isent horrible. Dad is going through some rough stuff right now and He is thinking a lot I am sure. It sounds like the hospital staff and your Dad's Dr are taking good care. I am praying for your Dad and your wonderful Mom who is there with him and going through some rough stuff herself. You are a wonderful Daughter and seem to be handeling things the best way you know how. Bless you!! I know hospice talk is scarey as I have been there with my Brother. They are wonderful though and will help you through what ever it is you, your Mom, Your Dad or anyone else close needs. Many people use hospice and then are able to stop it as it is no longer needed. I pray that is the case with your Dad should they decide to use them.

God Bless You All,


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So sorry to hear about your Dad but am glad that he has a wonderful doctor and nurses who are looking after him. I also know that once hospice is mentioned it kind of slaps you in the face. I remember going through that with my Dad as well. But, IF it gets to the point where your Mom does need them, they are a wonderful group of people who can supply much needed help for your Mom. My prayers are with you and your family.


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I am so sorry to hear about your dad still being in the hospital. I was hoping he would be home by now. The word hospice sends chills down my spine, but I know it is a great bunch of caregivers. I am sure it hit your dad emotionally, as it did you, your mom etc. Try to look at it like it is just infomation in case. And then pray that you never need them. Your family is in my prayers. Thank you so much for taking the time to update us all.


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