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First Time Here to Post


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Good Morning to Everyone!!

I wanted to post today and say a few words to the wonderful people on this forum. Your posts are so helpful to me and my daughters. Your info and news are the best support for all of us. I am listed on other forums as well but this one has alot more info. GOOD JOB!!!! You all "rock" as my 15 yr old daughter would say!! :D

I am writing to tell our story and to say that we are fighting on a lot of fronts too. My oldest daughter has written to our Gov.(Va), to declare for the 1st time ever--November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. She also has organized-another 1st--A Lung Cancer Awareness Walk to take place Nov. 14, in Charlottesville, Va. We are hoping for success and will post photos after our walk. I am petioning our delegates to sign into law a Lung Cancer Research License Plate to raise funds for research!! An area that so needs more attention!! We are taking little steps now and praying that they will become hugh leaps by the way of treatments and increased life for all of us.

I am also battling this beast since 2001. I was diagnosed with Stage 1a, had the surgery, Aug. 2001. Told I didn't need anything else--I was cured as the surgeon announced. Well not so!! Jan. 2003 a nodule appeared on my rib. Then the surgeon just said good luck-you are a stage IV--Not as lucky as I thought you would be. After some dissapointing Docs in my hometown-I went to Johns Hopkins for chemo.

Carbo/Taxol 6 rds. Stable. Radiation 6/2004- Stable and healing. I also have tried Iressa and Celebrex and it slowed down alot but still shows a litte prgression. Sept. it came back again--several nodules small and also small lymph nodes. Now I am in a trial at NCI-this is Taxotere and Tariquidar. Great Docs there!! So, crossing my fingers for the scan at the end of Nov. Keep fighting, and also have a I don't have cancer day!! Go out and do what you did before this happened to you!!!

Good luck to all!! Karen (Sundancin)

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Hi Karen, sorry to hear that you evidently had micrometastasis, for which an excepted test is still in the making. Did you have an Onocologist when first diagnosed? It suprises me how many only see a surgeon. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Donna G

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Hello again,

Well it was so nice of you to respond to me, and it made my day that you took the time to send me good wishes, and to also say how much help my daughters are going to be to bring attention to research for this disease. Thank you so much,

Wendy, Cindi o'h, Don, Frank, & Elaine !!

God Bless you all too!! Take care, Karen

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Hi, Karen and WELCOME!

It sounds like you are a very busy lady, and all of us here certainly appreciate your hard work for lung cancer.

I'm sorry to hear about the progression of your disease, but have just said a prayer that your scans at the end of the November will be good news!

God bless you,


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