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Missed everyone! I am back!

Cindy RN

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I have been so busy with my new job. I have a new found appreciation for teachers!!

My class is mostly people ages 20-40. They have been a good class, thank goodness. I am teaching M-W-F nights 4 P to 10 P. and we just started clinicals at the local nursing home. I am still busy with the volunteer groups I have done for years but this has taken so much more time than I thought it would.

My family is not used to it and they are NOT really picking up the slack around the house! :evil:

I am going to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine we have today and go blow leaves down to the street. I know there is green grass under there somewhere! :shock: My baby-Roxy is enjoying the weather today too.

Hope you are all doing well-CATCH ME UP PLEASE with anything new going on and how you all are!!!

Love to all, Cindy

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I have been waiting anxiously for news about your teaching job! I just knew you would find it was a lot of work, LOL. People always said how lucky I was to have such an easy job, LOL.

I also found what Don said to be true about night classes.

I am glad you are enjoying it.

Sooooo good to hear from you.

love and fortutude


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Cindy....new words to live by: Dust is a protective coating for furniture!! Stuff sitting in groups is not clutter.....it's a collection!


Good to hear from you and so glad you're enjoying the job! Hope you'll find more time to pop in here occasionally, now that you're really in the swing of things with the job!

Enjoy the day today. It's glorious here too! I even have the kitchen slider open...it's so mild outside....and DH is out playing golf instead of blowing leaves off the lawn! :roll:

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It was good to see and read your post. Sounds like you are getting settled into your new job. As for the house work...there are many more important things. It bothers me too but nearly as much as it used to. I only worry about it when company is coming and I will have 29 for Thanksgiving dinner....so the next few weeks will be throwing away tons of "stuff". If it is written down I keep it. :oops: So lots of paper products will be gone by then I hope.


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