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Something that arrived in my mailbox........God IS good!

Angie Daughter of Bill

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Just when I was wondering if God is REALLY paying attention to what is going on with me and my Dad, I get the e-mail below. I thought that it might strike a chord with others like it did with me. After reading this, I am very thankful.


P.S. This came from a Christian website called Mountain Wings.


Thanks for What?


It's not an easy task to find yourself heading into the holidays

when there's little joy in your life.

It had been a bad year. One that would be remembered for the

loss of two loved ones. A year that saw financial despair and

job loss.

Then there were the health issues. Not everyday concerns but

life threatening attacks.

Nothing, but nothing went right.

Still, the family gathered as always for the Thanksgiving Day

feast. They came from all around the country to share once more

in what was always a beautiful family tradition.

The setting was the same as always at Grandma's house. Aunt

Ester would bring her famous sweet potatoes. Uncle Joe would

play the piano in the great room. Mom would set the table while

Dad...well Dad would watch football.

Aunts and Uncles, brothers and sisters would hug that warm

loving embrace that says it's been much too long.

Or would they?

"It's really not the same without her here," someone said.

Uncle Peter pretended not to hear it and continued on with an

almost believable smile on his face.

"Do you remember when George would tell that funny story about

his first Thanksgiving turkey?"

"It was really not that funny, but to hear George tell it.

You laughed because of him!"

There was an uneasy silence in the room.

"Time for dinner!" Grandma announced.

One by one each of them took their place at the table.

There was an awkward moment when they discovered the two empty

seats where they always sat.

"Maybe it's time for Sissy and Jack to move up to the big

table," someone said.

"Yes, come sit here next to me," Uncle Peter motioned. "I could

use some company right now."

"Okay, everyone bow your heads for Grace," Grandma told them.

"Lord, we are gathered here once again in thanks for all your

blessings. We are grateful to you for the bounty of this feast

and for the family we share it with. Amen."

It was now the tradition of this family to take the time to

share one thing they were each thankful for from the past year.

"Who would like to go first?" Grandma asked.

There was silence. An uncomfortable moment that most everyone

dreaded this year.

"Come, now. Who will start?"

Jack, now the youngest one there at the grown up table rose to

his feet and tried to slip away.

Jack had lost his mother just a few weeks earlier after a long

struggle with cancer.

"Jack, you have not asked to be excused," Grandma said sharply.

"Perhaps you would like to begin?"

Oh, this was a tough moment. Grandma deserved the respect of a

young man, but stirred in him a fire that only youth enjoy.

"Thanks? For what?" he said sharply.

"Thanks for taking my mom? Thanks for Uncle Dan losing his job

and having to sell his house? Thanks for the cancer that has

taken all too many lives?" he said with anger in his voice.

"Thanks for what?"

Most of the adults sat quietly with their heads lowered. Some

struggled to hold back tears. It was a difficult time and no

one there went unaffected by the loss and tragedies of this past


Then suddenly a small voice could be heard.

"Thanks for the love."

Heads raised slowly. Looking around the room to see who had

spoken, you could hear the rattle of the dishes and the scraping

of the chairs against the floor as some repositioned themselves

to get a better look.

"Who said that?" Grandma said softly.

Nervously the young child raised his hand and could barely be

seen in the far corner of the room.

It was the children's table, occupied this year by only two.

The others had been promoted to fill the vacancies at the adult


"Jacob, please stand up," Grandma urged.

"Tell us again. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?"

"I am thankful for the love. You can lose a job. God can call

all of us home. What will always remain is the love. The love.

I'm thankful for the love."

The stillness in the room was unsettling.

"I'm thankful for you Jacob," someone said.

"Well, I'm thankful for...ever having your mom in my life. Even

if only for such a brief time," Jack's father said.

"I'm thankful for the memories," someone else added.

"I'm thankful for the chance to start over with a new career,"

Uncle Dan said.

"I'm thankful for cranberry sauce!" the little child yelled out.

Everyone was laughing. Jack returned to his seat as he listened

to the others announce what they were thankful for.

"My golf score!"

"My new dress."

"My trip to the Grand Canyon last summer with our neighbors.

It was awesome!"

Finally it went full circle right back to Jack.

There was a sudden hush in the room as everyone waited to see if

he would join in.

Then looking up, with tears in his eyes Jack said, "Thanks for

being my Mom!"

Family rushed to his side and surrounding him they hugged,

kissed and held his hands.

"Let's eat!" Grandma said.

The young man in the corner whispered,

"See, God? Thanks for the love."

~by Bob Perks, http://www.bobperks.com~

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Sobbing my eyes out here, too. I was having a "Jack" morning even though I am old enough to know better.

I am praying so hard for your daddy, Angie. He is my "silent" partner as you all came on board when I did. I have my three guides in heaven, TBone, Howard and Deb plus members of my own family.

I have earth angels who have stepped into their places but your Daddy seems right beside me all the way.

And I have so many others here on the board, too many to name.

I am so full of being human that sometimes all I can ask God for is a miracle--as if I know best, which I don't.

love and fortitude


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Tears here, too!!! It's so hard to be thankful when it's all coming apart, isn't it? But this we can and must do. I think it's the only key to survival.

I love everyone on this board, and I am THANKFUL to have met all of you. I THANK GOD that He gave each and every one of you life and the desire to come here and be a friend.

More tears. . . . . . .



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Thank you so much :!: I have to tell you how much seeing this means to me. You see yesterday and today are the second aniversary of the two worse days of my life. Yesterday for Johnny's last day and today the date of his death. I felt so alone. I heard from no one in my family or his and none of my friends. There was no one to say I know how you are hurting and I'm thinking about you.

I woke this morning wanting to hide from the day. I opened my curtains and instead of the green pines that were there a few months ago all I see is the skeletons of the burned trees and they remind me of the roses. Just a couple of days before Johnny went to the hospital he had bought a dozen red roses. He said that 6 were for him and 6 for me. When I returned to our apartment after his death that morning two years ago the first thing I saw was the roses. They were as black and dead as my life.

I don't need any reminders but this morning they seemed to be every where I looked. Like that day two years ago the pain was so deep that the tears wouldn't come. I was running late this morning dreading going to work. I had only about 5 minutes that I could spare but something made me come to the board. I saw that Elaine had replied to my post of last night. (Thank you Elaine) and I found this.

For the past several months the last thing I do every night is thank God for my family and for Johnny's love and the time we had together. Then I thank Johnny for loving me. When I saw this this morning it was as if Johnny were here telling me that he sees and hears. I didn't feel so alone any more and the knot is my chest gave way and the tears started. I was able to face this day that I have dreaded.

So once again I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you and help you to find comfort and peace. Lillian

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Sorry guys. I didn't mean to make you all cry. (although I was pretty sure most of you would since I cried like a big baby when I read it)

The tears that I shed were different though. They were tears of thankfulness. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to be thankful. (or at least I do)

Glad you all enjoyed it. And Lillyjohn, I am REALLY glad that you found some peace and comfort from it. I knew that you was going to have a rough day.

Love to all!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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