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my picture's too big


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I really liked the big picture the best! I just HAD to keep opening up this thread yesterday. The first time I opened it, it was kind of shoking and made me laugh out loud. I just kept having to open it all afternoon, and getting the little shock and the great big smile!

Oh how lucky you are to be able to do baldness so well!

love and fortitude


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Just had to chime in here and tell you I appreciate the chuckles from the photos, past and present! (I might have to disagree with my brother, though... These are hysterical, but I'm not sure they quite beat his "DavidC in drag" photos!) :lol: I'm involved in an event where people shave their heads to raise money for childhood cancer research, and I couldn't help sending your picture to my friend who runs that event, too. (They post "before and after" photos on the event's website, but this one was "special.")

So you are spreading laughter everywhere, and we all need that! :lol:

Hope all is going well with you. If you need a few hats to get you through the winter, I know someone who has a ton of them! :wink:


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You guys are having way too much fun...didn't you know that you are dealing with a "serious" illness? lol

Love the pics!

What a great way to get your friends involved in your life. You have some really cool friends, s. Keep up the great attitude and keep us laughing...it is good for all of us.


Cindi o'h

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.....if you cant find anybody to do it local.....i know people who'll drive down from paducah, ky just to do it for you....of course none of them offered let ME shave THEIR heads..

all of this was at my mom's in ky....(outside on the porch)....a little "retirement/condo" kinda place....every mini-blind in the whole complex seemed to have "a peep-hole" in 'em while this was going on.....(mrs kravitz)....


yeah....'bout the steroids...they put me on decadron....its as bad as the chemo to me....or w/the effects of the pci it was.....i think they give it out too quick sometimes and it can be some BAD stuff (IMO)..... i'm weining off of it now...... ......s


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