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My little challenges


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Don't know why I'm here today, guess I just feel like running my mouth. The Dr. Joe thing has me a little freaked out.........anyway.

I've solved a few of my challenges and thought I would post them for others in case they have the same......I was always freezing cold at night. I was wearing a sweat suit, fleece robe and hat. It was getting a little crazy around here. I went to the store and bought a twin size electric blanket. Now when I'm not in bed I can sit with that on and stay nice and warm! Plus it wasn't too expensive because it was a twin!

My other problem was my rapid heart beat and the doctor telling me not to let it get over 130. I was thinking OK I'll stop in the middle of something and take my pulse, yeah right! Went to the sporting goods store and got a heart monitor...it's a strap that you put around your chest and it transmits to a wristwatch type thingy, got that for about $50. It displays your heart rate all the time. Pretty cool, now I know what's going on with the flip of a wrist.

My kids were acting up at dinner and I started to give them a hard time and told them they were starting to increase my heart rate :wink: , they still didn't listen to me! :? It's turned into a joke in our house about my rapid heart beat and my cancer....when they are trying to get something out of me they will go get me a drink and say they did it because someone should wait on me cause I have cancer :roll: , rotten kids! :) They are turning into me!

Anyway, hope that if someone else is having the same problems this may help them!

Oh yeah, start a lower does of Tarceva tomorrow! Let's pray for no rash this time! Don't wanna look like an alien again!

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Hey Beth, what would we do without our families? When I was having wbr, my husband followed me into the kitchen one day and just kept staring at me. I finally asked "what are you doing?"

He said, "Just making sure the microwave doesn't come on when you walk by it!" :lol:

I won't even go into the bald jokes I get......


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I gave hubby an electric blanket for Christmas - gave it to him early - and he dearly loves it. I also keep a stocking cap handy for him to put on when he's chilling. Another idea - I got a memory foam mattress topper off the internet for $100 (have to look around for a deal). It makes a big difference for someone who is spending a lot of time in bed. Recommended is 4 pound density, 2 inches deep, so look for that.

Oh, Justa, I so enjoy your stories.


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Beth, I got one of those small electric throw thingies and LOVE it! I gave one to a friend and one to my mother as well. The only problem with mine is that the cats love it too, so I have a hard time keeping them off of it when I need it!

I hope for the best for you with the lower dose of Tarceva. Keep us posted, ok?

Happy New Year to ya!


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I don't mean that I want others to be cold, but I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who does this. especially after I have done too much. I have a electric throw also; plus my two feline friends who serve as heating pads.

Does anyone else have problems with the skin around their toe and fingernails cracking real bad. Other places also, but the nails seem to be the worse. marion

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Well, duh! What a great idea!

I didn't know they had small electric throw-type blankets and never even thought about a twin-size. I wish I had known this at Christmas, but no matter, I'm going to go find one for my hubby ASAP to use in the family room. We have an electric blanket on the bed already!

Thanks for the tip!



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Hey Beth,

Thank you for your insight!! It's always refreshing to read your posts!!!

About the Dr. Joe thing... I'm not sure what happened, I haven't read the post that has been talked about, but I do know he is an asset to this site. He's been so dedicated and compassionate to so many on this board that I don't feel he will abandon everyone. I'm hoping he will continue to read our posts and when he sees an area he can help or offer advice he may PM the person.

I started my chemo today and now I'm just going to sit back and see what side effects, if any, come my way, then deal with them!!!

I really hope the lower dose of Tarceva works for you!! You've sure had your share of drug side effects!!!

Hugs and Prayers,

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I am so glad to read that LIFE is beginning to interfere with cancer in your world and not so much the other way around! Keep on keepin' on, girl!

...and of course they should wait on you, you gave birth to them! Geesh...

Take care,


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Beth, Oh Yes, they should as Becky said , wait on you!

I keep telling my grands that and they just haven't gotten it through their heads that I am old yet.. :D . At 57 they say I don't qualify.

Oh well I do love em and their antics!

Your life sounds like its getting very "real" again. Good for you!



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