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Need grief site for my daughter


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Some of you have given web sites to help people in need of support in their grieving. I just found out my daughter is having a difficult time, not sleeping well, sick with the flu, kids are sick, and she is crying more then she wants to. Would some of you mind putting up some websites that you have found helpful? Especially for a young lady who has lost her best Dad? I seem to be coping better then she is.

Thanks very much,


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I don't know the best sites, but can recommend a couple of books. One is called "The Grief Recovery Handbook" by John W. James and Russell Friedman. The other is called "Angel Catcher" by Kathy Eldon, both are available on Amazon.

The handbook is the book my bereavement group is using, it's wonderful The Angel Catcher is sort of a journal to keep thoughts, dreams and just work through memories about your loved one.

Your daughter will be in my prayers, there are a lot of us walking this path....

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Why don't you have your daugther post here under grieving section? I unfortunately (unfortunate in that they are grieving) know a few girls in the same age range on this website going through the same issues, I am sure your daughter can get a lot of support right here.

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Dear Cyndy,

I agree with Andrea in why don't you ask your daughter to join us. There are many of us that have lost a parent and know exactly what she is feeling.

Otherwise, I would suggest that maybe she just let her grief run it's course for a while and oh yes, the tears come and go the first few months after we lose a loved one. Plus, having the flu and kids that are sick, she might be dealing with a little bit of every thing right now. :( Poor Thing!

We're here for her if she wishes to join us.

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