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HI- a few questions, please.


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I don't know if I should be posting here, but am unsure where else to go at this point.

A little background from those that might have some answers.

About 3 months ago, I was coughing up blood and went to the ER. They did a lung CT and found a nodule, non-calcified and enlarged nodes in the medistasian(SP?) region, and in the hilar region.

I'd had bronchitis, which I seem to have chronically.

A further CT two weeks later still showed the nodule, with basically the same findings. I'd gone back to the ER due to severe shortness of breath (I have asthma)

I've smoked for 30 years, and am 44.

Now my questions. Does the fact that the nodule wasn't calcified and the nodes were enlarged increase the risk of cancer? The report said the node was indeterminate. Suggested another CT in 3 months.

A lung Ct two years ago was normal. Does anyone know how fast a nodule would grow?

The doctor said possible cancer, but I'm thinking that they have to say that to cover themselves.

I get very short of breath and have been coughing for months, but I also have asthma, so that isn't that unusual. I've had pneumonia too many times to count, so there is also scarring on my lungs.


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I too, had coughing and some chest pain when I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Followup chest xray 6 weeks later showed a nodule. Due to my history of breast cancer, within 5 weeks it was scanned (CT), biopsied (inconclusive), and removed (lung cancer). Because we acted quickly, it was stage 1A, and no further treatment was warranted.

All three of my cancers were caught early because of my own early detection and aggressive doctors.

I highly recommend going back to the doctors. Please let us know.


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Please get with a doctor or thoracic surgeon or pulmonary doctor as soon as possible to get a plan together. It could be nothing, but you need to at the very least watch that very carefully.

I had no symptoms other than a cough and ended up with a stage 1 cancer and removal of a lobe of my lung.

I had the x-ray, then a ct, then a PET scan. When we were scheduling surgery, the surgeon told me that the type of tumor he thought I had (you really don't know anything for sure until you look at tissue under the microscope) would change in size in 90 days.

My CT showed borderline enlarged nodes, but pathology was negative on them (YEAH!). In any event, early detection does indeed make a difference.

Good luck,


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I agree, get with a surgeon or pulmonary doctor. I was told I was stage 1 until the surgeon opened me up and found lymph node involvement and restaged me as stage 3A. I had no symptoms, was accidently caught on a chest xray. Didn't have any tests just told them it didn't belong there and to get it out.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies. I'm so confused, though. If these things can grow that quick, and have the potential for spreading to nodes and all- WHY do they wait in the first place?

Personally, I won't do chemo or radiation. I watched my dad through that, and won't make my daughter watch it...but I WOULD let them cut it out.

We'll see what happens with a repeat scan.

Thanks again

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My sister was in the same boat as you. She also had indeterminate lung nodules. She had all the tests that you describe. Because of our family history with lung cancer and one of her doctors keen history taking, she was screened for lung cancer.

The nodules that she has have not changed in two years and she has baseline data from which she will be monitored for changes.

Oncodoc replied to a similar question a few months ago. He said that sometimes it is best to wait depending on where the nodules are or how big/small they are.

This might be one for Cunningham in ask the experts.. he gives some nice responses to questions, I think.

All my best to you for this tough decision and trying to stay calm in the process..

Cindi o'h

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Hi I have a similar situation as you do so heres a little information.They found 2 nodules on me indeterminate they have checked them for almost 2 years now so far no chaqnge .I wnated a biopsy they would not give it to me i went to a pulmonary doc and even an oncologist. None would give biopsy reason being my nodules were to small under one centimeter the risk of biopsy was great.I wrote in to ask the experts dr cunningham told me that 60 percent of all nodules are benign and even more than that in subcentimeter nodules he also disagrred with the biopsy.The key to it is growth if theres no growth its usually benign after certain period of time.My oncolgist did let me get a pet scan which i insisted upon it was normal so unless your nodules are large enough to do the biopsy i would wait if they rae large enough i would insst on it good luck

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I concur with every one else. Move quick. Find the best cancer center nearest you and make an immediate appointment. You need to have your results reviewed by a multi-disciplinary tumor board. Sitting and waiting is very risky. I went from a spot on my lung accidently found in a shoulder X-ray to surgery in three weeks. If it is bad, you want to move fast. You have to be your own best advocate and move quickly. Good luck. If you need help finding a good cancer center call ALCASE or the Block Society. They are excellent resources.

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I agree -- follow up ASAP.

And never say never.

Chemo is cheap insurance, considering how recurrances can take your life in a span of weeks. Or you can gamble....

I was blessed -- God gave me a miracle.

I was expected to not survive. Now THAT would have been rough on my kids.

Good luck on getting the facts, and soon.


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I agree that involving more specialists would be wise at this stage...better safe, than sorry, and YOU will always have to be your own best advocate. 2nd or even 3rd opinions can be vital in the decision-making process. Good luck.

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