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Cindi's New Baby Luna


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this is the most incredibly loving, generous, open minded, thoughtful, cool thing I've ever heard of someone doing for someone else.

what a neat idea.

and I love Luna, even though we have two perfectly made choc. labs, I love cats and dogs that have some special quirkiness to them. I have never seen a cat face like the one Luna sports!


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Oh, I know...

Isn't this the best.. I just went to visit for the 5th time today...I mumbled..."my kitty!" (smiling).

Haylee is quite a clever gal and teaching her little babies a wonderful giving lesson. Sweet!

We are definitely having fun with this and we are glad that you all are enjoying this story too.

love, Cindi o'h

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Ahhhhhh that is soooooo sweet. What a great name. Congratulations on your new addition Cindi..

I love cats, especially their independance ..... Mine is named Kelsey and she 15 years young. She has the run of the house. She is really a wonderful cat.

Have fun watching your kitty, Luna grow.... That is a great site, very creative, I love the butterflies since I collect Lenox butterflies...

Hope all is going well for you.

take care and enjoy your new baby!!


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Hi Haylee..

While I was in the hospital, I made all the nurses look at my new kitty! It was the male nurses that liked her best.

I have sent the web site to my friends so that they can keep up with her too. I visit her several times everyday.

I just love her. And all her mates too... but, especially her! She is so precious!


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