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anti nausea meds


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Hello Everyone, With all the people on here who are or have received chemo, what anti nausea medicine worked for you. As for me, NOTHING WORKED............ I just wished we could at least find comfort from that.

Please let me know if you have any meds that worked.

Love and Prayers,


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Since I had problems with my vocal cords after surgery, I had a major bout of vomitting before chemo even started (was hospitalized for 5 days)so once chemo started they gave me tons of different antinausea drugs,

Zofran 8 mg

dexamethason 4mg

Compazine (Prochlorper) 10mg

Promethazine 25mg

I know it sounds like alot......but I started with Zofran and then added others if any problems arose and kinda worked down the list. I was nauseated 1 time once throughout treatment and that was quickly remedied by the drugs.

Good luck to you,


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