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God, Protect Me.....

Fay A.

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One of the things I pray for every day is that God will protect me from people who cannot learn anything. These are usually folks who already know everything, and they scare me. And there are so many of them. I can't imagine not being open to new ideas. I can't imagine not being willing to share information. It's one thing to feel confident in our abilities. It's something else to have an ego so fragile or so rigid that one cannot even consider the possible merits of another idea or method.

God, please shield me from those who cannot learn.

I have spent almost 15 hours over the past two days dealing with folks who know it all. I take no pleasure in force feeding a lesson they won't forget. It could have been civil and instructive, and relatively painless for all parties. And I'm the one labeled "The B!+@H".


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You know, Fay, I always figure that you go through life only once (at least as far as I know right now). I don't know why they can't make the road reasonably easy??? I like what gail wrote that after her cancers, she just doesn't have time for these people anymore. However, I suspect you're talking about your docs. Sometimes we can fire 'em but sometimes we just can't. I'm sorry you had such a tough time of it and we all know you're not the BI%%& in this.

Hang in there.

Gail P-M

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