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Peter Jenning's LC to be discussed on Larry King live tonite


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I cannot move away from Larry King. Tammy Faye never smoked, and bless her heart raised that point.

Lots of bashing the tobacco industry YEAH!

Anyone know that Dr Natale, Cedars-Sinai Oncologist? I did not find him encouraging at all.

Winston Man, a 2 time lung cancer survivor spoke very strongly

S Eptha Merkson (Law and Order) spoke very strongly as well. She lost two friends to the disease and her sister is a ten year survivor and spoke about the stigma of lung cancer.


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I was on hold but my call was never taken. I was going to plug LCS4C but I did not get Larry to pick up. I was on hold for two hours too.

but I am glad that now maybe with such a prominent person in the daily spotlight, more will be talked about and more research will be given and that Spiral CT scan will be a common test for anyone who is at risk.

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I heard about this news over here in Hong Kong. I don't know him as I'm not living in America, but they mentioned that he is very famous and he just got diagnosed. He quitted smoking long time ago but start to smoke again since 911. I think his diagnosis will make some noises and get more attentions on LC.

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I think it was good overall. Dr Natale did mention that 20% of non-smokers get it and the women actor did REALLY stress that it is a disease and not to blame the victim.

I wished they mentioned that lung cancer has more deaths, but receives the least money per death for all cancers.

Dr Natale did say that lung cancer has taken over breast cancer in 1988? or so as far as the cancer that causes the most deaths in women

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It was a good show, I thought (Larry King). The woman (actress) who was on that had the two friends who died and the sister who survives lc tried to talk about the stigma but she was kind of cut off, as Larry King sometimes does when he interrupts people.

I saw the segment that Paula Zahn did on her show and I was so mad at the way she talked and even her facial expressions showed that she was judgemental and sickened by the "smoker's disease"--not exactly her words but you get what I am saying, I think.....

I am going to find her show and email her. Anyone else see her show? Just wanting to know if anyone else got the impression I did from her.

Jennings said in his statement on World News tonight that he quit smoking 20 years ago and that he was "weak" during 9/11 and smoked then--but on larry King (I think), Larry King made it sound like he continured to smoke since 9/11, but that is NOT what Jennings said.

I still wonder if Tammy Faye really has/had Lc or if it was mets from her other cancer.


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I didn't have the pleasure (or displeasure) of watching Paula Zahn, but I have learned from past experience that when you "confront" mis-informed individuals about ignorant remarks regarding lung cancer, they usually respond back, red-faced and in full apologetic form..... :oops:

I wrote to two different doctors -- one after a phone workshop and another after reading an interview/article. Both doctors were quoted as saying something along the lines that lung cancer wouldn't be an issue if people would just stop smoking. THAT BURNED ME UP and I tracked down their e-mail addresses and politely educated them with my non-smoking lung cancer story. I got written apologies from them both and I hope I educated them in the process. (I believe my response to them is on the board somewhere -- here it is: http://lchelp.com/community/viewtopic.p ... perpetuate )

To make a long story short, if anyone was displeased with Paula Zahn's remarks, it is certainly worth sending a polite e-mail informing her of the "true" facts about lung cancer and the stigma that attitudes such as hers continue to perpetuate in the media/general population. :!:

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