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Cindi, I think you had a house closing


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Hi Cindi,

Hi there, just wanted to know what is going on with you.

I think you said you were having a house closing this week. Do everything turn out okay? Where in the dickens are you going? :shock:

Keep us informed or your whereabouts,


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If you decide on a southerly direction vs. northerly for your move; you can borrow anything we have anytime you need it, cindi!

Have a wonderful adventure in choosing your new abode!


PS I forgot for all this time to tell you that in my former life (before my fist husband died in '93) I spent a ton of time fishing.............I still have all my rods, reels and tackle...........so perhaps a joint adventure is in our future? XO P

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I closed on Monday... Can you believe it? April 6th, I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. I had 5 signed offers last weekend and a push through close that was a miracle to be pulled off by the 20th.. the date of the lock-out.

All of this over and done on the 18th.

What a whirlwind.

It's a "God thing"

I don't know where I will be moving. I have to be out the end of the month. Packed and moved to...somewhere. But, now I have $$ in my pocket to at least pay rent somewhere. Again, I am depending on my friends to do pretty much everything for me.

I used to be strong but I am not anymore. I am so weak and short of breath.

It will work out though. More prayers if you got em.

thanks, Cindi o'h

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Sending more prayers to you Ms Cindi. I want to hear you are settled and headed out fishing to celebrate... I can only imagine what an awesome task this has been for you , but I hope in the long run you will be very content in your new home. (I'll be looking for a celebration in the pub when that is done).

Love, Sue

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How goes the packing?

Wish we could help. Brian and I are very organized..........to a fault..........believe me! We drive normal folks nuts.........but that is useful in some situations like packing and moving.

I am uploading strength and zip for your do dah!!

Much love and respect


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