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Question about lymph nodes


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Hi everybody,

I asked this question on Ask the Experts, but have not gotten an answer yet, so I thought I'd ask all of you.

On Saturday, my husband discovered a lump in his armpit. It's exactly where a lymph node is located and is under the skin, solid, hard, and about the size of a dime.

If this is indeed a lymph node and it is malignant, this will be the first lymph node that has been involved since he was diagnosed. His cancer has been systemic - brain, bones, liver, pericardial sac, etc., but no lymph nodes.

Do any of you know if lung cancer spreads there, or could this possibly be something else?

Thanks for the info.

Love to all,


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Sounds similar to a tumor Charlie had in a lymph node in his neck. Radiation knocked it right out.

Do hope it is just an infection and clears up with antibiotics. I don't know if they do radiation on lymph nodes that aren't really hurting or threatening anything. Praying for the best for you and hubby, Peggy! It has been a long hard road lately hasn't it? I haven't even felt up to posting much in a long time. But, I do read everyday. Take care. PRAYERS COMING YOUR WAY!!!!

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Thank you Connie & Tina,

I have spent hours and hours this weekend on the internet and couldn't find anyplace where it said that lung cancer could spread to these lymph nodes. All I could find was tons of stuff on lymphoma, Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins.

Hubby said I can call the onc for him in the morning about this, so I'm glad for that.

Thanks again,



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Holding a good thought for you guys, Peg...that this is something other than a met. I'm so glad DH is "letting you" call the doc :wink: These guys can be stubborn about stuff like that sometimes, eh? :roll:

Please let us know what you find out and meanwhile...I'll be vibing for something NON cancer-related and easy to fix.

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Peggy -

This is not what you will want to hear - Mom has a lymph node under arm that is malignant and you can feel it under the skin-the oncologist does a manual check of it on each visit.

I hope that hubby's is just an infection but if not, surely it can be easily zapped. Mom's has been stable with the Iressa and I don't believe she will ever persue anything stronger.

((((((Peggy)))))) and prayers - you have had your fair share of bumps lately - hope things get better soon!

Thinking of you and yours!

Much Love,


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My Dad had not been feeling well for awhile but, did not go to the doctor until he had a knot come up around his neck. It was cancer that was in his lymphnodes as well as lung cancer. That was how it started for us. I hope and pray that Don's issue is non-cancer related.


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It can go to the lymph nodes under the armpit, but as others said it could be an infection.

Since the cancer is already systemic and chemo is probalby being given I don't think it is that significant.

The lymph node under the arm probably isnt likely to cause any problems compared to the other mets, so I think there is little to worry about, but ask the Dr anyway


Axillary lymph node metastases from bronchogenic carcinoma.

Riquet M, Le Pimpec-Barthes F, Danel C.

Service de Chirurgie Thoracique, Hopital Laennec, Paris, France.

BACKGROUND: Axillary lymph node metastases (ALNMs) from bronchogenic carcinoma are rare and their significance may be questioned. A surgical approach may allow a better understanding of the mechanism of their occurrence. METHODS: A retrospective study of 1,486 cases of surgically removed non-small cell lung carcinoma was performed. Twenty-two patients (1.5%) had extrathoracic nodal metastases. Nine of them were ALNMs (<1%).

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