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Mother's new dx of SCLC


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Hi all, and honestly, i wish i wasn't here. My mom (55) just got the dx of SCLC and already it's not looking good. Tumor in the left upper lobe, mets to many, many nodes in the chest, and brain met. They're telling her 4 months if no treatment, up to a year if treated aggressively. She starts radiation tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is her second time with a form of cancer. Almost 20 years ago she fought and won a battle with cervical cancer when they gave her less than a 15% chance of living past 5 years. I can only pray she might somehow beat the odds again...but i'm not optimistic. Thanks for being here, all of you. It's nice to know i'm not alone.

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Hi Missyk,

There are many sclc people here. I am sure you can get some comfort and HOPE from them. I'm sure many will make themselves known to you soon.

Sorry about the dx. I will be praying for your Mom to beat the odds given her again!


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Hi Missy,

Sorry to hear the news about your mom. This has to be the hardest thing you have to deal with. My heart goes out to both of you.

Please honey, try to change your attitude and be more optimistic, that would help things so much more. Attitude means so much with this desease.

Hang in there, there is always hope and miracles happen all the time.

Have faith that things will turn around and she could beat this thing. People break the odds here all the time. You mom did it once, it could happen again.

Please spend as much time with her that you could. That will help her tremendously.

My prayers go out to her and you.


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Hi missy K and welcome to our family. I'm sorry you have to be here too. None of us want to be here , but we are thankful to have this wonderful place to come. My husband has nsclc, but there are many here with sclc. If you have specific questions , I know they will be glad to help. You will notice that there is a separate forum for sclc also. You might want to post questions there and also read there to learn about other members with the same profile. For now, I just want to say that my prayers go out to you and your mom.


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Thank you all for your wonderful welcome...i feel so safe here already. I guess i feel so small and insignificant right now, and, i told Mom, i feel SO young and helpless as we were talking about her cancer. I'm the baby in the family (and spoiled rotten hahaha) and the "issues" in life, Mom and my sister and brother and i have always faced as one united front...this is no different. We assured her we're in for the long haul.

She's been getting a little bit of good news here and there...mostly to just NOT listen to statistics...that there is always hope. As she becomes a little more comfortable (? doubt that actually happens, i don't know how to say it, i guess) with her diagnosis, i'm hoping to get her to come here, too. It is so comforting to me!!!!

Thanks again and yes, i did find and post on the sclc board already...feels like i have a TON of questions and yet none at all.

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(((((((((((MISSY))))))))))))) CYBER HUGS!!

Your in good hands here my dear. Day or night someone will always be right at your finger tips.

This crud can be beat! NEVER SAY NEVER and NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

Best to you and mom and your family.


Connie B.

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