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prayer request


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Please pray for my mom. She had her last chemo on friday and now she's in a lot of pain. Her joints ache so bad, a lot worse in her hips, knees.

I know He hears and answers our prayers, sometimes not right when we think He should, but His timing is different than ours, but is always for the best.

Thank you so much


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My husband found the pain comes 3 days after chemo. it effects his legs really bad. This could last for 2 to 7 days. His first chemo, it only lasted 2 days. His last was pretty long about 6 days. But then it is gone and he feels fine, just kinda fatigued.

I sympthaize with you mom as the pain does hurt. Joel felt like he was getting the flu.

But assure your mom that it will pass.

Take care you are a terrific daughter.


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Have I told ya lately how awesome you all are??? :)

Prayers are what matter the most in this, right along with the faith and hope.

I told mom about the water, but she already knew and is water logged! lol She drank ten glasses yesterday, 80 oz! (and had already had six when I called her earlier.)

yes, the pain lasts longer each time, and each time has gotten a little worse too... lasts bout 8 or 9 days now. Then she's mostly just very tired.

Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart and my mom thanks you too!


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thank you so much for the prayers.

mom is feeling better now. She's just very tired.

My twelve year old daughter Rachel spent a few nights with her, which was good for them both, and they went shopping. :) They had a blast, but mom probably over did it a little bit.

((hugs)) and prayers for you all!


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