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starting avastin next week

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Thank you to everyone for being here for me.

I start avastin next week, unless something else interferes...

I was diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary on Sept 27th last year. had a tumor removed on my neck.

tonsilectomy tissue samples etc. Cancer no other place in my bodPET and Ct.

Had 33 readiation treatments with low carboplatin and taxol Dec through January 2005.

Radiation ate my skin it looked like raw meat, do not think that is how it is for everyone. Chemo was low so I mainly got tired.

April 1st 7th rib and right uper lung on Pet and Ct, then PET/Ct combined scan confirmed.

One inch of rib removed.

Now am Stage IV NSCLC.

Since I only had low chemo my insurance approved avastin and taxol and carboplatin as first line treatment.

Will let everyone know how it goes and if anyone else is trying avastin I would like to hear how it goes for them.

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Please keep us posted. My husband was dx with cancer of unknown primary 10/03 with a neck tumor-but was inoperatable. Just jan 05 it showed up in his lung. all along the way the onc said it was lung cancer even though it didn't appear until jan 05. He also recieved avastin along with tarceva recently. For some reason he became very ill and hospitalized. Dr thinks it might have been the two drugs together. He is now waiting for my husband to get stronger and will start up avastin again.Take care, God bless,Nancy C

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