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cindi o'h

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Oh brother...I feel so behind...

By popular demand, the bar is open!

SDianneB one year anniversary!

Pops got some federal $$

SBeth's enjoyed one year as well!

Lots of good news all over the place. Please help me out by posting your news here so that we can all enjoy your successes...no matter how big or small!

(it will take me all day to find all of your worthy news, so help me out by posting, Okay?)

Cheers! I will start out with a not too spicey bloody Mary garnished with ice cold, crispy celery stalk..


love, Cindi o'h

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OOOOOOOOHHHH Cindi, you KNOW I'm in :lol: !

We can celebrate Katies's birthday - belated as it is!!!!

We can celebrate that Rick got all figured out in that hospital and is good to go!!!!!!!

We can celebrate just being with each other!!!!! What a great bunch we are....patients, caregivers, family members, friends, WHOEVER is here.... GREAT!

Celebrate that Highway to Hell is over with :roll: !!!!

I can think of all sorts of things to celebrate. But maybe the BEST of all is just being together. I feel so lifted up here. Sometimes I don't even need to post because someone else already has posted feeleing scared, sick, upset, angry, whatever....it often just is what I am feeling and I feel not so all alone! So we are GREAT!! WE celebrate US - no matter how badly some of us might feel Thanks Cindi. But are you sure you've had enough time to recuperate???

I'll come early to help set up, okay?


PS Do you think there's ANY way to get some of those FROG hats this time :?:

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Our dear Cindi............yes, we will belly up to the bar...........but first we want to hear about your trip/treatment.Glad you are home.............

Diet Coke for me (wedge of fresh lemon) Brian is throwing up since he is on day 2 of cycle 5 Cisplatin / VP 16, he said he would like just a soda cracker. (but he is smiling)

We have a couple of celebration items to add:

Our grandaughter, who was born at only 28 weeks last April, is off oxygen. So she was able to come for a visit w/ her mommy and daddy (my middle son) from Panama City Beach, FL for the long weekend. She has been mute since birth and has many other health concerns. HOWEVER she is the happiest baby we have ever seen. She is loving and giggly and wiggly and smiley.

AND NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS: (drum roll) SHE MADE HER FIRST VOCALIZATION EVER WHILE SHE WAS PLAYING WITH ME AND GRANDPA BRIAN!!!! It was a kind of giggly kweeeuuuu noise............but it was her first noise ever! As the visit went on she did it a few more times.............She has so many things ahead of her to contend with, but if it turns out that she is not mute forever it will make a huge difference for her and her mommy and daddy!!!

Also, This is the last cisplatin/vp16 round for Brian. In 2 months he starts Tarceva.

Also Frank has new plans for tx.

Also we offer a heart felt toast that Justa sounds like she is feeling better........that Peggy's hubby has some time off work..........

In general we wish to celebrate the gift Katie and Rick gave us when they made this family available to us.

Peace, joy and contentment, all!



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Well, well girlfriend, its about time.

I really can use an Orgasma, or just a stiff one (drink that is) (oops) :shock:

Here I go again, getting a little tipsy. :roll:

But we all definetly deserve it. :D

A special toast to our Betty who is dancing those happy feet up there, free from pain.

To you Bet...an Angel in disguise.

To everyone else... Lets Party.... :mrgreen: Cindi's Bar is officially open again for business!!! YESSSSSS


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A hairy navel for me and a Mike's Hard Lemonade for bellringer - she went fishing this past Sunday for the first time this year. Had help getting down to the dock and help climbing the 2 flights of stairs back up to the house. We're going to see the Smothers Brothers on Sunday.

Here's to you all - and a toast to Betty.

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Get out the corkscrew I want the good Pinot Noir (no screw top in your pub)

Well I should say so!! I was getting weary of having to warn Ginny every time NOT to cut her nose checking the bouquet on the cork....ya know? :roll:

I'll have a transfusion...with just a drizzle of vanilla vodka in it. My liver isn't sure yet whether it can handle a full half shot! :wink:

Good news? Well...my onc cut me from 4 chemo days to 3 days...last cycle. Today...instead of my platelets bottoming out...they were a whopping 221K...so NO TRANSFUSIONS THIS WEEK UNLESS THEY ARE THE GRAPE JUICE VARIETY! 8)

Somebody pass the shrimp dip, please. Good to see you back in operation, Cin darlin'!

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Yo Cind,

We have three more. Another anniversay from Cholesmom (Cindy) has a 2nd year anniversary of being NED.. :D She posted under Early Stage. And a 6 year anniversary from Fay A....And 3 years for Rich (dadstimeon)

So many celebrations... I can't keep up. But that is great that Iam falling behind all you good people with all your good news.

Lets have a toast to Cindy... on NED 2 years!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

And Fay A, for 6 wonderful years!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

To Rich for his 3rd year anniversary. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Cind, I am getting so looped from all these toasts... hic cup.. :oops: I need a designated driver...or maybe I will just lay my head down her on the bar and zzzzzzz



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I had it in my head all along that I was doing 30 whole brain radiation treatments and found out last week it was 20! So YESTERDAY ws my last one. WOOOO-HOOO!!

Give this swollen, puffy girl a pina colada and make it a double. I'll bring 7-layer dip.

Congrats to all,


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Whoa...FRANK, Don't buy any Bud Light, I've got a huge cooler full of it left over from the pool party (helluva great time) I'll be bring it to share. That's what happens when you make 6 dozen Jello shots...nobody drinks the beer! Anyone know how to get red, blue and purple stains off of concrete? :shock:

Here's to Betty! Salute!

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