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Update on Sister


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Well, things are so really bad now and don't expect my sister to survive the day. Still in hospital and treatments for pneumonia (none showing on xrays) has not been effective; Dr's still feel it's copd that is causing all this. I know it's Lung Cancer that's causing all this. She's on heavy morphene for comfort and hard, distressed breathing. Not able to communicate and devastating to watch. Last night so much fluid in lungs had to be suctioned. My anger at this disease is unbelievable at this time. I just know that more could be done to prevent this from happening to our family members. She's suffering so much and I guess I wonder how much she's aware of in this state.

Please pray for her.

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So sorry Pam,

I pray there is a some kind of change for the positive for Ruby.

It is in G-ds hands now. I just pray she is made comfortable and pain free.

peace be with you both.


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