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Hi, everybody. I still lurk here, though not as often as before. But I come by here once a week or so, read the jokes, read the general forum, and the like.

Katie is starting kindergarden on Monday, amazingly enough, and it will be emotional. The one time Becky ever talked about surviving until a certain time, it was to make it until Katie started school. And so on Monday, we reach that place, sadly almost 17 months after she has gone.

I have started a blog. I am writing a book, and the working title is Becky's Garden, and that is also the name of the blog. It is sort of an online diary, and I welcome anyone who wants to come by and visit and catch up with the latest happenings in our family to visit and post. I just started tonight, so there is but one article for now, but I will be adding to it in the days and weeks ahead. The web address is:


I hope to see you all there. And while I am not here as much as I once was, you all remain in my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis.


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Hi Curtis,

I was wondering how you and Katie were doing. A blog is a great ideas and Beckys Garden, I love the name.

I cannot believe that Katie is starting kindergarden, my time really does fly.

I hope all is going well with you.

Also as my curiosity is on alert, you mentioned that the physic your spoke to on the phone said the following.

She finished by predicting I would meet someone special in a few months - September 29, she said, though dates are often off by a week or two. She described her as having dark hair, wavy. The name Carly came through, though names are usually not accurate she said. She said that she works with children. That she is different than Becky, very vivacious and laughing a lot and getting me to laugh with her. She said that there would be something about bicycles when we meet, maybe in a bike store, or in the park with Katie riding her bike. She said she would be younger - 25 or 26, never married, and that there would be an emotional connection between us very quickly but even more quickly between her and Katie.


Don't hestitate to let me know if that comes to light.

Take care of yourself and your little princess.

Looking foward to reading more of your blog as you submit your stories.

Good luck,


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Dear Curtis,

I will also be reading you're online blog. I have always liked to read you're thoughts here and loved the way you wrote.

I am sure it will be emotional both the first day of school and also without Becky there. She will be there in spirit I assure you.

God Bless you both,


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I, too, will be reading your blog. I've been wondering how you and Katie are doing. That's exciting news about Katiie starting Kindergarten -- I can hardly believe she's that old already. I can't begin to imagine your sorrow that Becky isn't there to send Katie off on her Big Day. However, you're a great Dad and I'm sure it will go well.

I'm glad you're still in touch with us.

Gail p-m

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Curtis, it is so very good to hear from you. Wow...I just can't believe how fast Katie is growing up. My soon to be DIL is a kindergarten teacher, with 24 little ones in her class. They are hoping to find another teacher and divide up classes a little. This school already has 6 kindergarten classes. It just amazes me to watch her and see how quiet and calm she is with these dear little ones. I know that our dear Becky was there with Katie on her first day of school, holding her hand and assuring her. I know how hard each of these milestones must be for you, as they all bring back so many memories. I am so glad you are writing, as it is very therapeutic. I started journaling, in the form of letters, right after losing Dennis. I used to write a letter to him every day but now only write on the really rough days. I will definitely be reading your entries and I know they will touch my heart.

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You can hit the blog for a long story, but Katie is safely in her first day of kindergarden. Thanks for all the feedback and well-wishes.

I have not met Carly yet, but it is not yet September. But if you don't think we will be taking Katie's bicycle to school all month on the off-chance of meeting a hottie, well, you just don't know me very well, do you?


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