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Susan, please, an update on our Rachel...


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....our Alaskan princess? How are she and Stan doing?

I think of her all the time...as I know many here do...and send her vibes, love and the best thoughts I can muster for all of them....including Ole' Puppy.

I hope you see this and will update us on how she's doing. Thanks, Susan.

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Hi Addie- thank you for asking about rachel- here is what I posted the 11th but it doesn't seem anyone has seen it- i posted it under one of the previous topics- rachel update....I will start a new thread next time:

Hello everyone-

We continue to read your thoughtful postings - Stan wanted to be sure that you all know how thankful he and the rest of the family are of for your continued support.

Rachel remains comfortable and still blessing us all with her love and sense of humor. Her most lucid times are in the morning- that is when I share your posts with her and assure her that I am trying to keep you all posted regarding her condition- this makes her happy- I feel badly that I have not been able to log in on daily but am sure that you understand-

thank you all again for the warm thoughts and prayers- more later...

nothing much has changed since this posting- the home health nurse and aide come in three times a week- Rachel spends most of her time in bed now as she does not have much strength-

Stan continues to be a pillar considering he has had the family and I underfoot for the past two weeks....Thank you all again for all of your heartfelt support.

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Thanks, Susan...and actually I did see the above update on the other post. Just looking to see if there was any change...hopefully a positive one.

But...sounds like things are about the same, with perhaps a bit more loss of strength. It makes me so sad for Rachel and her family and you, whom I'm sure feels as much like family as my best friend does to me and mine.

Please convey to Rachel that we hold her in such good and positive thoughts, trying to vibe her some strength and hoping she enjoys as much of each day as possible. She is well loved here too.

My Linus and Mattie send an understanding slurp to Ole' Puppy.

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Prayers always going out to you Rachael. You have such wonderful friend in Susan who keeps us updated

Please know there are a mulitple of prayers being sent to you. I pray you are comfortable.


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Thank you, Susan.

Rachel, I am comforted that you are surrounded by the loves in your life. I think of you so often and pray that each moment is blessed.

So relieving to know that your best friend is with you. If it were the other way around, I know that you would be with her and doing for her also.

All my best to you, Rachel!

from one barmaid to another!

cindi o'h

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