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Hello to all! My name is Libby and my mom was just recently dx'd with NSCLC. She's 82 years young and went in to for her regular GYN appointment. Her doc noticed a small *mass* near her collar bone and wanted to have it x rayed. Turned out to be nothing but arthritis (calcification near the bone?)but the xray caught a piece of the left upper lobe of her lung and there was the dreaded nodule. Long story short...she went in for a mediastinoscopy/biopsy and the path report was NSCLC, stage IIIa.

It's been quite a journey for my mom and our entire family. We lost my dad to colon cancer four years ago and this just brings back so many memories.

Prior to all of this, she was playing golf two to three times a week, and doing lots of traveling and in great health (or so we all thought) She really did not have any symptoms other than slight fatigue but she kept saying to all of us *heck, I am 82..what do you expect*

I am so proud of her..she is being a real trooper and has a really great attitude. She said from the beginning, if the radiation/chemo made her more fatigued, nauseated, etc..she was just going to pretend she was pregnant. So, everyday when I call, I ask her how the baby is.

I am so very grateful to have found this board. I have been reading here for a few weeks and want to say thank you to each and every one of you. I feel very fortunate to *walk this path* with all of you.

Coming here, is such a comfort to me. I know I must be strong for my mom but I get scared sometimes and profoundly sad.

God Bless you all


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Hey Libby,

She has been a trooper. WOW!! I don't think I have that much energy and I am only 35. Anyway, I'm sending prayers your way. Tell your Mom to keep strong and Fight,Fight,Fight.

Living life,


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Hi Libby,

Welcome to our family. So sorry you had to find us, but you have found the best support group. If you have been reading the posts you will see that we have lots of support and prayers, whenever you need it.

You mom, G-d bless her has a fantastic Attitude, and that is half the battle right there. Her determination and humor is going to get her through these difficult times.

I could tell you are a wonderful, caring daughter and that is the best medicine for you mom.

Keep us posted on her progress. Maybe one day she can join us here. LC is not a death sentence, so get that out of your mind. So many here have beaten the odds and still continue to do so and will continue to do so.

Your mom being so active is a very strong women. That will help her so much to get through this.

Thank G-d she had that GYN appointment.


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Welcome Libby,

Glad you found us. This is a pretty amazing group of people . I am sure you will find all the support you need here. Everyone does their best to help in answering questions. Every case is different, but there is oftentimes someone here that has experienced the exact thing you are asking about.

Your mom sounds like an incredibly positive person. It will help her tremendously on this journey. Let us know if we can be of help.


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Hi Libby,

Just wanted to make sure I "touch base" with you cause I have an 81 year old father who just had his 5th anniversary as a lung cancer survivor. All things considered, he's done darn well living with this disease. Given your mother's wonderful attitude and the evident support from you, she's on her way to coping well with this disease.

Please keep us updated.

gail p-m

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Welcome Libby. I'm glad that you have found so much support and help here at LCSC. It sounds like your Mom is very strong and with you behind her, anything can happen. Please keep us posted and come back often.

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wow, you both sound like amazing women! I'm so sorry you're going through all of this, but your mom sounds well-equipped to beat this.

you really struck a chord with me on the 'profound sadness' we experience when someone we love, in my case also my mother, is going through this. my mom is battling back from a rough surgery, and yet still sometimes, out of nowhere that sadness comes on. I just try to breathe through it, cry if I have to, and keep moving forward.

I'm so glad you posted. you'll get so much love and support here.



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Hi Libby!

Welcome. Your mom sounds like such a likeable woman. She has the right attitude and otherwise great physical stamina - that's a great start. Tell her we'll give her a baby shower at Cindi's bar (you'll learn about that soon :wink: )

Sending all strength and caring thoughts to you and your mom during this rough time. Come back often!


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Thank you all so much for the supportive, caring welcome! It's all of *you* that are amazing to me.

This board is such a blessing.

LOL, about the baby shower!

Thanks, gail p-m for *touching base*, your post really lifted my spirits.

Prayers and hugs for all of us that our touched by this ugly critter!

Love and light,


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Welcome Libby!!!

I'm so glad you not only found the site, but joined in.

And it's nice to hear that both you and your mother have such a great sense of humor. I think we all know that if we let it, the ugly critter that you mentioned can bring us way down.

Please keep us posted on your Mom.


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