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It's finally been put in words--Mike

nancy c

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Two people this weekend have said profound words about this grieving process. My son "Mom, I was ready for Mike to die, he was so ill. I stepped up to the plate for the funeral, etc. But, I realized..I haven't prepared myself for life without Mike"

:( Neither have I...

:( Some who just met me, who is from New Orleans, headed north for safety, said "with you losing your husband, do you feel like you are just"wandering thru life?"..... By God, I told her that is exactly how I have felt since losing Mike.

I don't feel I have a "place". Like there is something not right with my heart. And I know there is something wrong with my heart....... it is broken.

God bless you, Nancy C

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Nancy, I am so sorry for your pain. I understand what you are describing and it makes me so sad to know that you are going through this too. I wish I had some answers that would make it all better. If I ever find those words, I'll share them immediately!

Take care of yourself,


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I know what you mean Nancy. It is as if someone has pulled the world out from under you and you are drifting with nothing to hold on to. You know that people expect you to go one with your life but the core of your life is gone. How do you go on without it?

The truth is you do go on. Things may not get better but they get bearable. You learn to live a different life than you expected and wanted but you are living. Life is a very precious thing and sometimes a very fragile thing but those of us who have been through what we have learn to value it more than we ever did before.

take care Nancy you are in the early steps of a long road. Take baby steps and rest in between. When it is time for more you will know. Bless you Lillian

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It is 10:20 on a Sunday night here on the East Coast. The last couple has just gone home. It took 13 months to get them together as a group. These 4 couples were there so strongly for Earl and me during those oh so sad times. One couple helped me clean Earl's trach when he came home from the hospital and powered washed the deck before Earl's memeorial service, another was just always there to do the little things that needed to be done, fix a clogged down spout, silence a screaming fire alarm etc., yet another managed a web site to let all our families and friends know how Earl was with just one phone call and the dear friend who just kind of knew, like just showing up at the house the day Earl came home to hospice.

There are friends and their are FRIENDS. They are still here for me as I hope I am for them. May God bless them.

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I remember feeling like that too. You just don't feel whole without Mike.

My heart goes out to you and to Peggy. It has only been a short time for both of you.

I wish I had the magic words to help ease your pain, but I have found only time does that. It never goes away but it eases.

Much love and understanding.


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