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Flu shot


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I've gotten one every year, per my doctor's instructions, as lc patients are considered to be in the "group" that should get them, even if there is a shortage. He definitely didn't want me getting the flu. I'll start asking about this at his office next week, in case there is a shortage like last year.


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My doctors' offices are "advertising" flu shots in October. It is necessary for your mother to get one (BUT, if she is allergic to eggs or any of the other "don't get if..." things, she should not get one), but it's not necessary for the rest of the family - especially if there's another shortage.

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Last year when there was a shortage they were suggesting that all lc patients and their primary caregivers get a shot. I dont know about this year, but if I you or one of your brothers I would take it as well. Of course make sure you aren't allergic to any of the contents.


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Last year when Jim was undergoing so much treatment, the oncologist suggested we both get one, even though their office didn't have any at the time. We both managed to get one and that eased my mind that it might reduce the chance of my bringing a bug home to him.

Good luck,


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Flu shots are the norm for lung cancer patients, BUT so are pneumonia shots. Make a list and ask her Onc Doc. But, I'm sure he/she will let you know your mom will need these things.

The reason your mom hasn't heard about PCI yet, just may be that she is JUST starting into her treatments. They may mention this as times goes on. But, for now, they will just want to start her out on her chemo.

But, again, you can mention this to the Onc Doc.

Just make your list of

Should she have?: a Flu Shot, Pneumonia shot, PCI etc. etc. etc.

It'll be fine!



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