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3 month check-up


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Hi all, not many posts from this end lately as Mom is doing fairly well cancer wise. Her COPD is about to get the best of her though. This friday we go for the next 3 month check up and I assume the dr will oreder appropriate scans. Up until 2 days ago I didnt have a worry in the world about these scans, but Mom has a pretty bad nose blled in her sleep and then teh next am when she woke up and was trying to clear her throat, breath, just get moving around she coughed up a bit of blood ( i dont recall her exact description). First time any blood has been coughed up since before she was dx and started chemo. her coumadin levels have ben doing great but as all tings that can chg with th wind, so maybe her blood is really thin as she is bruising terribly as she often does. If anyone has any thought on this I would aprreciate hearing from you and if you all could add her to your prayers for nice pretty scnas in the next week or so.

Thank you and God Bless


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I'm praying for you, too. could the blood have been from her nose, collecting in her throat? my mom does not have COPD, but she gets alot of nose bleeds, especially from the canulla.

I'm sure the doc will have answers, and treatment.

prayers and warm thoughts are with you.



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A friend is on coumadin too. He goes in regularly for his clotting time to be checked. I am sure your mom's levls are checked also? He has had many occasions where he has bleeds that don't stop. If it doesn't come under control after a day or so, then he will have to go to the ER to have the bleed stopped and on occasion has had to be admitted.

But, it sounds like your Mom's bleeding has stopped, Kim.

No one likes to cough up blood. It just ain't normal! But, the good thing is that you know and I know what the source of the bleeding is. It is not the lung...! YAY!!! (We definitely do not like that, do we???)

Prayers for clean scans coming your mom's way!


Cindi o'h

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Hi Kim,

You can add my prayers to all the rest for good scans. As for the bleeding, Coumadin can certainly be a culprit . One thing I would like to say is that if a person is experiencing bleeding, it doesn't usually happen just once. It will be a continuing thing throughout the day and on days following. There can be so many reasons and should be checked out by the doctor. In this case, based on what you have told us, it sure sounds like it came from her nose. Take care and keep us informed. God bless.



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Hi, Kim,

Does your Mom's Oxygen Concentrator have a humidfier attached to it? If not ask her O2 supplier for one, and be sure to use only Distilled Water. Also, there are several types of Nasal Cannulas...You have to ask for the one made of super soft plastic (at least I do). It is less damaging to the inside of the nose.

Hope this helps.

PS After having seen your photograph I bet you look great in your Ren Faire Costume!

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