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5 years ago today


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After 5 years I still have very hard times dealing with the loss of my father. What I wouldn't give to hear his voice one more time.

There are still times when I have to lay down the pictures I have of him sitting on shelves because out of the blue I can burst into tears.

I don't think the day will ever come when I can listen to Frank Sinatra. I was at the doctos having tests done on my heart a week ago and they had a Frank Sinata song playing, I had to make them turn the music off because it started the tears flowing and I couldn'y do the calm breathing they needed me to do.

I suppose there will always be bad days and good days, sometimes I can talk about him and laugh and other days I can't mention his name or I cry like a baby.

On the 1 year anniversary of my father's death I went to see George Anderson, he is supposed to have the ability to communicate with the other side. He just happened to be in Seattle on the 27th so I beat feet up there half expecting to be called on stage, talk about disappintment!

He was in the 5 generation picture of both of my grandchildren, that is amazing! His mother is still living, she's 93. I will cherish those pictures until my dying day.

Today is not a good day :cry:


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I know today is hard for you and there is nothing to say that will ease the pain. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping you are able to think of good times and happy memories you shared with your dad. Sometimes, when we try really hard on days like today, the happy times and thoughts can pull us through! Sending hugs in your direction.

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Kathy, missing your Dad has to be so hard. I try to do as Ann said and throw some good memories in my head to balance out the sad ones that take over sometimes. Of course, they say you have to let the sad times roll over you now and again so they don't pile up inside and give you heartburn. Do you ever wonder who 'they' are? I ask that a lot.

Hoping that the day got a little easier and that tomorrow brings more happy memories to mind.


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