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For all my kids I bought a baby name book and went through and read all the names and highlighted ones I liked. For our last child, I kept coming back over and over to the name Jillian. I love the name Chloe btw. I love all the old fashioned names like Emily, Sarah, Rebecca also.

For our son, we literally sat in a parking lot with the papers from the adoption agency. He had to be named prior to coming over from Korea...so we sat there next to a mail box and finally decided on a name and dropped the papers in the mailbox. Now I had been leaning towards the name Zachery but it was too long and didn't fit with our last name so he became Tyler.

Our older daughter was a name I saw go by on movie credits -- Caitlin, now its much more popular, but at the time I hadn't seen it before.

So they are...Tyler Jaimes, Caitlin Sarah, and Jillian Richelle-- quite a mix.

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Oh Yes! his is my kind of post; BABIES!!

And Calintay, I would definately stick with the name 'Darlene'

Some of my favorite names are Bethany, Olivia, Esther, Brooke, Abigail, Jamila... and Beverli Nichole (my daughter's name)

And for boys, Sage, Adrian, Dakota, Denim, and Benjamin (with a nickname of Jamin)

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If I had another girl I'd name her Victoria, but call her Tori.

I'd avoid trendy names, too. When our daughter was born, I wanted to name her after my grandmother (Sarah) but we knew three people with babies named Sarah. So we named her Taylor (didn't think it was trendy at the time--didn't know anyone else in MN with that name) and now there are 3 Taylors in her class/ grade. No Sarahs though!

:) Kelly

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I love the name Chloe! My niece's name is Chloe Francine.

Girls' names I like-- Courtney, Alexandra, Anja, Caterina, Astrid, Sascha, Mischa, Sofia.

I like exotic / Russian-sounding names for girls and Spanish-sounding names for boys (Miguel, Joaquin, Alejandro, Diego).

Ok I think it's too soon for me to be thinking of baby names. :P

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Never liked the old names growing up, Sarah, Grace, Ethel, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Emily.

Kinda use to them now.

My mom was Helen. She came over from Poland when she was 10. When we found her passport her name was actually, Hannah which I think was beautiful. Shame she changed it to Helen which was more americanized.

My daughter is a Nicole which is pretty popular. But her middle was supose to be her first name which was Taryn. Which I still love. Her name was suppose to be Taryn Nicole, but ended up Nicole Taryn. Long story...

Maryanne :wink:

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I didn't do the child thing, but a niece just had a baby girl, Hannah. I love that name! I also like Sam (Samantha) and beautiful Sarah......hmmm, naming dogs was so much easier! (Dumbo was our first born. Ugly was Jim's dog when I met him and Estee and Sadie already came with names from the shelter.)

None of which I would recommend for your sweet baby girl!

Good luck,


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By the way my niece, Teri is due actually today.

They will induce her on Tuesday if she does not go before. Anyway, she is having a girl and is naming her Samantha Johanna.

Soon to be great aunt to Sammy...

Maryanne :wink:

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I love the names I gave my children. They are both family names.

Boy: Bain Williamson

Girl: Katherine (Katie) Lucile

My son has the middle names of both of his grandfathers.

My daughter has the name of my aunt and my middle name.


PS. I did not misspell BAIN. There is no "r" in it.

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