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Hospice and 50th Anniversary Party


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Mom went in to hospice on Tuesday. The facility is brand new and it is lovely and the nurses are wonderful. But it is one thing to talk about it in the hospital and another to actually be there. The reality really starts sinking in.

On the 29th mom and dad would be celebrating thier 50th anniversary. So today we threw them a party. They have a family room there equipped with a kitchen so we had the party their. It was just the family all 20 of us, 4 daughters and spouses and 12 grandchildren. Mom was quiet, but she seemed to enjoy it. She did enjoy a few sips of a margarita, her favorite, and was quick to lift her finger when the cake was brought out and get some frosting. My sisters and I each took a turn to share memories we had growing up and to tell our parents what they mean to us. I'm so glad we were able to do this not just for my mom, but also for my dad I know it ment a lot to him.

He called just a bit ago to say he would be spending the night with mom, she didn't want him to leave. That scares me a little, but at least I know if she does go tonight she won't be alone, but I'm praying we get some more time.

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Dear Millie,

Don't you just hate it when those realities start to sink in? I know I do.

I will be praying that you will have more good times like the anniversary party today with your mom. All those good times and laughs will mean so much to you.

Sending you big hugs, Millie.



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Beautiful, thoughtful event for your parents. I am sure that they were both delighted. I know that I would have been! A taste of margarita and frosting...now it hardly gets better than that. These are memories you will always cherish.

keeping you and family in my prayers, dear.

Cindi o'h

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