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Flu shots and pneumonia shots..?


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Its that time of year again......yeah!

*note sarcasm*

My mom is looking around to find a flu shot for herself. I was just wondering if anyone here has knowledge about effects/pros/cons of getting a flu shot while on chemo

Also, is getting a pneumonia shot beneficial at all?

My mom is afraid to move at times, afraid that something might negate the effects of her chemo. Before she made arrangements for her shot I wanted to run this by a few people and get some opinions or stories of experience. Her onc cleared her for a flu shot, didnt mention the pneumonia shot.

Thanks in advance

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Thank you

We are currently looking around for shots. I've found a few places close by that will be administering them this month, who knows if they will have enough for the turnout though

I am surprised that the center treatment center doesnt supply them to their patients. I would think it would be part of the treatment!!

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My mom was going thru chemo last year when the shortage occured. Wehad all of her doctors trying to get the flu shot. Onc and all of them really seemed to think this was very very important for her to have. Just having lung cancer alone puts you in the high risk group. We will be getting her shot for this year withi n the next week or so.

Also at the same time last year she got the pheumonia shot as well. Again the doctors thought tis was a good odea. This shot is only needed every 5 years as I recently found out when trying to get her one for this year.

I would think that this is a good thing.


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My mom has done some calling around to drs etc, but it seems like most arent getting any in and those that do will be getting he shots very late. She doesnt want to wait that long, she'd like to get it within the month

Another consideration is her fear of going out in public to very busy, crowed places. The mall is giving them this weekend, but she dares not be around all those people and she is very tired. She wouldnt be able to stand the wait in line. The chemo really has her zapped

I'll keep looking though, as will she. Glad to know that many people here have gotten the shot and havent had any weird side effects etc

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An Oncologist should have access to the flu shots!

Also, so should a Pulmonologist. From all that I have learned over the years, it's up to the Oncologist if the patient gets a shot or not.

When I went through my treatments 10 years ago, My Onc and my Pulm Doc's AND my Onc Radiation Doc all agreed that I needed a flu shot, and that was right in the middle of all my treatments. So, please check with your Onc or Pulm or ALL of them regrading getting a flu shot.

In the six years that I have run an In Person Lung Cancer Support Group all of the members (in treatment or not) were all told they needed a flu and pneumonia shot. And in all the times we had Doc's come and offer advise to our members, they always said Lung Cancer Patients need a flu and pneumonia shot. LC patients would be a priority of the a flu shot. Our lungs are weak and the last thing we would need is the flu.

Also, I would think that a nurse in the Onc's office could line things up for the patient in need of a flu shot.

There may be cases in that some people will not be allowed to get the flu shot. Be it other health issues, etc... But, please always ask the Onc Doc First.

Best wishes to all.


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