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Prayers needed


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My father-in-law (NSCLC) was recently told last week that he had 3 months. Well he is in the hospital right now and w/pneumonia, collapsed lung, CHF, etc. They don't expect him to survive 2 weeks. My husband is in the Middle East right now and they are try to get him back to the US a few days. I am asking for prayers that my husband will make it home in time to get to Iowa so he can see his father while he is still conscious. They doc's aren't sure if he will still be conscious by Monday. I am so sad, I had to deal with all this with my own Pop's (SCLC) in July. It is bringing back the memories of his last moments :-(

Please pray that he can hang in there a few more days. My husband will be so devastated if he didn't make it back in time. When his mother passed away we were living in Germany and did not make it back in time to see her alive.



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Oh my Kathi, not again!!

I SO hope your husband can make it home in time. What a time your family has had. I pray God is looking on you and your entire family with mercy at this time.

Try to let us know how things are going when you get the opportunity.



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I think your prayers are working. My husband was supposed to leave on a military plane that would have taken him all over before getting back home on Tues. The plane broke so his commander said forget waiting and booked him on a commercial plane to London and then directly to San Francisco. He will land at 5:10 pm tomorrow!!

Thanks so much,


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