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Please pray for my brother....


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My brother Mark is on life support at NYU. He developed what seems to be an inflamation of his lungs and had to be put on a ventilator. They are now telling us he has brain mets, and spleen mets. I know how all of you fight every day to survive and I am hoping there is a chance for my brother..

Please pray for him that Our Lord has mercy on him.

I don't know what to think any more. They asked us if he has cancer all over, if we want him to still live on life support. I know mark would not want this. I am praying for answers..

Donna :cry:

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Can there be a miracle at this point? The are saying it is in his Cerabellum, and bone morrow in his spine..Do you think this is treatable? Is there any hope left? You guys have been through it all, is there a chance for him at this stage?

I appreciate all the prayers and support so much. He has such a strong will to live, he has been on the vent since Friday and all his vitals are still stable..Does he want us to keep trying with meds, and prayers? He is not giving up, the Docs are amazed at how strong he is, after all he has been through..Should I ask Dr. Cunningham what he thinks about quality of life if he comes off the vent?

I have respected his opinion since day one..

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I'm sorry to hear that Mark is not doing well.

I don't think ANYONE has your answers, not even Doc Cunningham. Sweetie this is in the hands of our Lord. Before you go jumping the gun as to can Mark have more treatments, you need to deal with ONE PROBLEM at a TIME!

There is NO right or wrong to what is best or not best for Mark. NOONE can give you answers. Your heart will know when the time is right, and what to do if need be.

It isn't good that his cancer has spread to the spine or brain. That I know of, treatments don't seem to help once the cancer reaches the spine. BUT, God may have other plans.

I'll just leave it in God's hands, and pray for you and Mark.

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