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Soooo I get a message on my machine yesterday to call my doctor's office..there is a message for me there..Now mind you ....this is not the onc's office but my GP's office...hmmmmm

Ok...I call the office and I say ...this is Pam...you have a message for me??...She said...yessss....It's from Dr Smaldore...and it's about your CT/SCAN......Now this guy REALLY knows how 'goofy' I get over test's...So I say ....annndd? She is dragging it out and my knee's are getting weaker by the minute....She say's...Dr Steve told me to tell you your CAT came back ABSOLUTELY OK..WHEW..PRAISE GOD!!

Now I haven't heard from the onc yet and I will see him on the 17th...I'm taking forgranted that all is well....Sooooo ya know what I did??....Yep..I did it....I looked at all the films I have...

5 of them and they all looked like wierd...really wierd....spots all over the place....I sure hope my doc know's what he's talking about....ha

Ok...just thought I would give you heads up on the results so far....will let you know what the onc say's when I hear from him

Hope all is well with everyone and my prayers are with you all night and day...I promise....hugs to all


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I tried to find pictures of CTs showing lung cancer and found this site instead:


Also, you are getting double posts because your computer is moving slow and you are hitting the submit button more than once. If you want to see if your computer is "working" after hitting the button the first time, track your mouse up to the address bar and see if it forms an hourglass. If it does, your computer is working on submitting and if you hit the button again, it will submit it twice (or more times, depending).

Take care,


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