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Hello all, I am happy to find this site as are many others but very sad to be here. My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 NSCLC spread to the adrenal glands at the end of June this year.

He has gone through one bout of Chemo - seems to have been unsucessful indication given by his suffering from hypercalcium. We are going to see the oncologist easrly December for a follow up appointment and further scans.

I guess I am interested in alternative therapies and would be obliged for any information.

I hope and pray for the best for all of us


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welcome Ayla: I don't know much about alternative therapies. There is a forum on this site dealing with alternative therapies. I hope your dad finds a teatment plan that gives good results and that his calcium level comes back under control. Many stage 4 survivors have to try different chemo regimes before they find one that gives them good results.


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I am very sorry to hear your father has lung cancer. I am also sorry to hear you had to find us.

I'm glad you did though. Welcome.

I need to ask you a huge favor. Could you please take a minute and fill out your dad's profile for us, so we may better help you.

We need as much info as you can offer. Such as when dx.d, what kinds of chemo he had, did he get radiation, is his overall health good? Just take a peak at some of the other profiles on the posts and see how we share that information with you and others. Just look below on this post that I am posting and you'll see all kinds of info about me.

I don't know anyone who has done only alternative med's alone, after being dx.d with Lung Cancer. I do know many people, many right here that use them in addition to traditional treatments, such as chemo's and radiations. Again, as much as we ALL hate to say this, everyone is different in this journey, and what works for one, does NOT always work for someone else.

When doing alternative with chemos, you should ALWAYS inform the doctor that this is happening.

Best wishes,


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Hello and welcome. Hope we can help. Like Connie don't know that alternative treatments alone would be of help. I went to a seminar recently and "complementary therapies' were dicussed. Any time you you herbs etc definitely pass them by your Onocologist, some make chemo ineffective. There are many though that raise your immune system, your seratonin etc that are very therapeutic and enhance effects or treatment. Best Wishes. Donna G

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Sorry for being so ignorant didn't realise thats what was meant by a "signature". Chemo seems to have done my father a lot of damage thats why I am interested in ANY treatment that is available for this horrible illness. I will never trade one treatment for the other just wanted to know about all the options, there is so much crap on the net that you don't really know whats good, bad or ugly!

Anyway just want to say thanks for the welcome and I have now filled in my signature - thanks Connie and congrats!

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You don't need to thank me, I'm just sorry you had to find us. Thanks for the Congrates. :wink:

I'm sorry your dad had so many problems with the chemo.

Other cancers seem to react better to alternative meds, not ALL but some. Lung Cancer doesn't have a good track record for alternative Meds. My opinion on that is because it's a major organ.

Good luck and I hope you'll stay with us.

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Welcome to the site. Your father has lots of treatment options left. Just because one chemo didn't do the trick--doesn't mean the next won't do wonders. Chemo is hard on the body. Unfortunately, to kill the bad cells you have to take some of the good. Make sure he drinks lots of water to help flush it out. Good luck!


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Welcome Ayla.

I'm so sorry you and your family are having this rough experience. Hope someday nobody will have to go through it.

I don't know much about alternative therapies. I was Stage IV at diagnosis in January (bone mets) and I have always been treated with EGFR-inhibitors (Iressa and tarceva) which are more effective on the type of NSCLC I have (BAC) than chemo in about 12% of people. Side effects are not as harsh on the body - I have ahardly any and live a very normal life. Don't know if your father could benefit. He'll need to discuss that with his oncologist.

Visit the Alternative Therapies forum here. You'll find much info and many people with experience.


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ayla, I am so sorry you need us but welcome! I agree, traditinal + alternative medicine is a great idea, so long as the patient is up to it. check out resources at your local cancer center, more and more of them seem to have seminars, etc., on complementary therapies.

keep coming back here, too. you'll get lots of information and support.



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Thanks for all the welcome, it actually makes a big difference and puts a smile on my face.

I am from England - so some funny dates and spellings I am sure!

I am very interested in alternative therapy or actually to learn about any therapy.

I posted a msg on the alternative therapy board which is a link to website that I has a wealth of knowledge but too much info is sometimes confusing. Here's the link anyway http://www.cancertutor.com

Thanks again for the warm welcome

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