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Cancer Free!!!


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Three weeks ago on 11-2-05, we went to see one of our favorite doctors. Had the blood work done, had a CT scan the week before.

We got in his little exam room waiting on him to come in. Finally he walked through the door, beaming like the sun. He went on to try to tell us that he could not explain what he was seeing in the CT report. He said because of the severity of the type of cancer I had, the aggressiveness of it and where it was at, he had no words to explain why and that I am cancer free. It is now 2 years. At that point my wife interjected, "How about miracle?", and he said Yes. This is really neat because he is East Indian.

I am so thankful for Jesus and what He did for all of us. I pray for everyone when this comes to mind, and I hope that all will come to see the glory of God.

In Love with Jesus


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