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Barbara Walters Special on Heaven .....


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Anyone but me plan on watching this special tonight?

Barbara Walters Special Takes a Look at Heaven

Is heaven somewhere out there beyond the stars? Barbara Walters takes viewers on a heavenly journey, Tuesday, Dec. 20, on ABC. "Heaven -- Where Is It? How Do We Get There?" explores the meaning of heaven with religious leaders of the major faiths, scientists, people who say they believe in heaven because they've been there, celebrities who are vocal about their beliefs, and even with terrorists.

Walters will speak with the Dalai Lama, failed suicide bombers in Israel, an Evangelical leader, atheists, Muslim scholars, Jewish rabbis, as well as with Richard Gere, Maria Shriver, Mitch Albom and Rabbi Jackie Mason.

For centuries man has looked to the sky and asked profound questions: Where is heaven and how do we get there? People have dreamed of heaven, dedicated their lives to the promise of heaven, even martyred themselves - committing heinous acts of terrorism - for the promise of paradise. Is heaven simply a myth dreamed up to give lives meaning, or is it a real place?

Walters takes viewers on a journey around the world - to India, Israel and throughout the United States. She interviews people of different religious and scientific beliefs, each with strong opinions about the afterlife. They discuss their visions of heaven, what happens to the body, and why it is important to believe in heaven.

The special also explores:

The Science of Heaven - Why does faith come easily to some and elude others? In search of the scientific rationale of heaven, Walters talks to expert Dr. Dean Hamer, author of The God Gene, and a geneticist at the National Institutes of Health. Is there really a "God gene" that affects people's level of spirituality? The special also looks at studies of the brain itself to see if it undergoes unusual changes when someone is deep in the throes of spiritual experiences. These studies are done by Dr. Andrew Newberg, a radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

Near-Death Experiences - Walters also examines the phenomenon of the near-death experience. What happens when you journey to the other side of death and back? British psychologist Dr. Susan Blackmore has spent decades searching for a scientific explanation: "When the oxygen levels fall in the brain...you get massive over-activity in the brain... I think there is a true transformation, but not because you've been to heaven." But whatever the rationale, such experiences have changed many. Dr. Diane Morrissey says she felt the "white light of god" when she was electrocuted. "My near death experience changed everything about me... there is not a single experience on earth that could ever be as good as being dead," she says.

Heaven and Real People - How do you tell children what happens to their loved ones when they die? Whom do you see when you arrive in heaven? Walters talks to such people as Maria Shriver, author of a children's book on heaven, and Mitch Albom, author of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, for their take on the afterlife.

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I wouldn't miss this one Ann.

I've already spoke up about "dibs" on the tv tonight.

Not sure if you knew or not but this is a two hour special.

I'm looking forward to watching it...thanks for the reminder though.

Warm Hugs,


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I'm so glad you are going to be watching this, Melinda. Now I'll have someone to talk to about it, afterwards. It sounds really interesting and I like the fact that so very many views are going to be taken into consideration. I'll be thinking of you at 9:00.

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What did everyone think about the show? I wanted to hear about the near death experiences..I thought I would find a lot more comfort in watching it..I guess I am looking for the majic bullet..I was glad to hear the part about our loved ones coming to meet us when we die..Right now, I don't think anything could make me feel better..I just want Mark to walk through the door and smile at me like he always did..I keep praying for strength but I am still so very weak... :cry:

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I missed the show, but a friend of mine said it was really good. She thought it would be good for my Dad to watch. Did anyone tape the show, or know how I can get a copy of the show. I was out last night buying a present for my Mom from my Dad. I got her a circle of life pendent. It was a very emotional night for me, harder than I thought it would be. All of these last time events are really emotional.


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Denise, I did tape the show and would be happy to send it to you. Just give me a few days so things aren't so hectic.

I know how hard these last things are. I know your mom will cherish this gift from your father.


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Denise, I just wanted to send you a Warm and Gentle Hug. ((((((((DENISE)))))))))))

And I also wanted to tell you that you have a very nice looking father.

Your in my prayers daily.

I watched it, and I learned some things and others I didn't fine interesting. I'm still tossing the one around my head about the 72 virgins waiting in heaven for these men when they die and how they have plentiful sex in heaven after death! :? Different, but it's what they believe!

I guess I would have rather heard more stores from those that had died and came back to life. But it was interesting.

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Connie, you hit the nail right on the head with the show..I was hoping for more near death experiences..I wanted to know what people saw and who they met..The 72 virgins is a figure of speech they use..I highly doubt 72 virgins are going to be in line to have sex with that suicide bomber MONSTER..he could only hope!! I was expecting more detail about what people experienced..I was kind of disappointed..Hope you are feeling a bit better, it is so nice to see you back again..

Prayers for a Blessed christmas..

Donna K.

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The 72 virgins is a figure of speech they use..I highly doubt 72 virgins are going to be in line to have sex with that suicide bomber MONSTER..he could only hope!!

Donna K.

Donna I gotta tell you, I darn near feel off the sofa when I heard that one! :roll::wink: Yep, I think Mr Bomber was wishful thinking! :roll:

It did add some spice to the program, I THINK???!!! :?:shock::roll:

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I wanted to hear more on the near death experiences.

I was floored also by the 72 virgins for these suicide bombers. Gee, I wonder what their wives think about that one :roll: I guess for the women suicide bombers I guess she has 72 virgin men waiting for her. I could just picture her laying there with all these virgin men lined up waiting to give her a gang bang. :lol: I never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. Really, gee won't they be surprised when they wake up inhell. :evil::twisted:

Just one thing on the subjects of born agains. I know there are 40 million. I am sure many on this board and that is fine. I just want to say that I believe if you are a good person who belives in G-d you will go into the kingdom of heaven and you don't have to be born again to be the only ones who will prevail. End of subject there.

Anyway, I was dissapointed on the content. I guess I wanted to see more proof rather then religious beliefs.

I recently saw a special of an 11 year old girl who talks to angels. She is an artist and drawls pictures of angels and heaven. Her art work is breath taking and are like photographs. She started drawling when she was 3!! That to me is some proof there. Things like that I wanted to see, not religions.



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I only caught the last few minutes, but I was so glad to have seen the part on near-death experiences. I was irritated that some psychologist was trying to explain them away with a physiological explanation. Some things can't and shouldn't be explained. I mean, there are literally thousands of people who've had these experiences and they all describe them in a similar way. That can't be coincidence.

Anyway, it gives me great comfort knowing that my Dad experienced that peace and love and it also gives me hope that someday I'll see him again. This stuff is just amazing to hear about.

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I enjoyed the Barbara Walters special although I did fall asleep occasionally. I did identify with the older lady that said she wouldn't marry and that her dead husband was the only one for her. I, too, will never marry. I know it with all my heart.I still wear my wedding ring and I had John's wedding ring made smaller for my right hand and I will wear them til I die. He was my only love and I am still in love with him.I lost John, 53, on 9/30/04 and I miss him so. I am really struggling this time of year and can't wait for the holidays to be over. Carolyn

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I too watched the show. I found it very interesting but also wished for more of the near death experiences. It was good tho to see so many different faiths that originated in distant and often isolated places that all have a similar concept of Heaven. That in itself says a lot if you stop and think about it. How would all of these people from different places come up with an explanation of life after death if there were not some basis for it?

Now I want to tell you something that happened recently. I think it will add more to your understanding and reinforce your beliefs.

As many of you know my friend of many years died recently. She was married to Johnny's brother. In 1990 he had a massive heart attack that left him severely brain damaged. Over the years his mind has improved but he is still much like a child. Because of that like a child he doesn't question what he sees or hears. He doesn't use logic to explain things away.

Not long after Johnny died his daughter heard him talking to Johnny. He was in a nursing home and the person in the bed next to him also asked her who John was and told her that Harold talked to him all of the time. When she heard him talking to Johnny she questioned him and he told her that Johnny had been there but he had left. He had told him that when he got out of there they were all going to have a big party!

When his wife died they didn't tell him. He had had such a strong reaction when he learned that she had cancer that his daughter feared what learning of her death would do to him. A few days ago she heard her dad talking to her mom. He called her Mama and said "oh no. I didn't know that" Sense he has not asked about her sense then she is convenced that her mom came to him and told him that she had died but that it was alright. Like a child he accepted what he saw and heard. Maybe it is time that we all learn to be more accepting and then we too will see beyond the vail and know for certain about the things that we only wish we did now :!:

So I say to all of you we don't need a television show or answers from other people. All we really need to do is open our minds and hearts and see what is there for us to see.

My Merry Christmas to you is a reminder for those of you who are Christians "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not parish but have everlasting life"

Even if you don't believe in Christ believe in those first and last words. "For God so loved the world" and "Shall have everlasting life"

Those are words that give us all what we need HOPE. Hold on to them and God Bless all of you. Merry Christmas. Lillian

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Hi all,

On the topic of heaven ...speaking as a born again/ regnerated/ renewed (whatever term you prefer :) ) Christian here is a simplistic overview of what I know from studying the bible.

I understand we all have our own personal beliefs. I chose to base mine on what I believe to be the revealed Word of God -- the bible. http://www.bible.com/

No one can measure up to God's standard of righteousness;

Romans 3:10

"There is no one righteous, not even one"

Romans 3:19 (everyone knows this in their own heart)

But there is a plan to reconcile us to Him.

2 Corinthians 5:21

"For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him." The long prophesized Christ.

All that is required is recognizing our unworthiness, repenting, and accepting this free gift (the sacrifice Jesus made for us all)

The bible states that no amount of good works can make us righteous in God's eye's...

Titus 3:5 "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Spirit".

This is simply a matter of the heart... A matter between you and God. NO religion, ritual, or sacrament is connected to this. Only faith.

All you have to do is believe.

The bible is clear that you can be CERTAIN of your redemption based on the above. Otherwise there is only a "hope" of salvation.

I truely do not mean to offend but to only pass on what the bible reveals.

Thanks for reading,


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Lillian, thank you so much for posting that beautiful story..My grandfather was also talking to my uncle and did not know he was dead either..The same thing happened to him..I do believe and can only hope my dear brother Mark comes to me..That would be like winning the lottery of life..

God bless You and merry Christmas!!


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I hope that you don't find this inappropriate, but I heard the truth about the 72 virgins....

Apparently, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and 69 of their friends were waiting for the Suicide Bombers in Heaven. When the Bombers got there, they said, "What? What is this? We are expecting to frolic with the 72 virgins?". George Washington stepped forward and said, "Sorry folks! What you're dealing with is 72 Virginians and we're mighty ticked off at you!"


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