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CT Results from 12-9-05

Fay A.

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Because there was a weeks delay in obtaining the CT scan (broke the first ribs on 12-1 and the CT should have been done as soon as they saw the xrays) the reading radiologist cannot distinguish between a pleural based soft tissue mass worrisome for malignancy or a congealed hematoma. I went through the CT dye problems for nothing.

They want to stick another needle into my chest to take a biopsy. I keep thinking about what happened to me in August. The FNAB was supposed to be done yesterday, but as of Monday my white counts had not come up (they've been at .8 for two weeks) and because I've caught a respiratory infection the procedure has been rescheduled for next week. Started Neulasta injections on Monday.

So, those are my CT results. I have an infection that is wreaking havoc with my one lung, but I'm actually kind of glad this happened. I have a bad feeling about another FNAB, and I will at least have this Christmas with my children.

I've had a single dose of chemo-Taxol and Gemzar-and yesterday my hair started to come out. The neuropathy in my hands and feet make it difficult to walk without assistance because I cannot feel my feet. I can't write very well, but typing can be done if I look at the keyboard, which takes a very long time. My Doctor and I both expected this to happen, but not until I had multiple doses of chemo. She is unsure of how to proceed with me now, so we will talk more after the biopsy.

I am hoping that I can get someone to look at giving me the standard treatments for bone cancers, as there appears to be a connection between bone cancer and Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma.

That's where I am. Chest infection; Neutropenic; Significant Neuropathy; Broken Ribs; All the ususal chemo related nasties.....and still so grateful to God to be able to open my eyes each morning.

My house is not done, and there is a family crisis that isn't me. There is very little money because we have learned that NONE of the subcontractors have been paid, and we will have to pay them once they file Mechanics Liens against our house. And having said all that I am very in tune with the reason for the Joyful Season. So my personal Christmas experience is always good.

Hoping yours is, too.

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Fay, I am so glad that you have such a positive attitude. Thanks for this update. I will be sure and let our darling third grade friends know that "Miss Fay" is ready for Christmas. Maybe they were on to something when they thought your name was "Miss Faith."

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Just makes ya want to kick something - or someone! - doesn't it.

I hate you're having to go through all this, but "stuff" just has a way of putting crimps in our plans much of the time.

Just think -- in mid-January while people are frozen into their homes and having the after-holiday doldrums, that you've already had your bad stuff!

Seriously though, I hope you can battle all this back soon, so you can go find the contractor and kick him in the shins. Bah humbug.

Take care, dear one.


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Wouldn't it be nice to make a chemo voodoo doll of your contractor? Something that would give him all your side effects until he does right by you and your house...well, you can dream, can't you?

You're one of the most remarkable people I have ever known. Prayers that your Christmas will be beautiful and your body will heal.

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Oh Fay, what can I say? You do have the most remarkable spirit, and I love that you stay positive and in the Christmas spirit throughout all of this. I don't know how you do it. My prayers are still with you (and I'll kick the contractor's shins for you, if you can tell me where he is!).


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Oh Fay...I don't know what to say. Needles are not your friend...are you sure you want to do another FNB? I am glad its postponed. I will be wishing you a good report. John mailed you something Chicken cultish today...hope it cheers you up.

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