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Even though I was routing for the Colts, Pittsburgh really deserved to win that game. That interception by Troy Polamalo was good and should never have been turned over. Frank must have chocked on his chocolate donut when they overturned that call :shock:

Anyway, that's when I started routing for the Steelers.

Also great reprieve for Jerome Bettis!!


Bring on the Broncos... :mrgreen:

Maryanne :wink:

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The Colts are my team but I figure if they couldn't win I would rather have Pittsburg beat them than most anyone else. I used to be a big Pittsburg fan back in the 70's. But...next week I'll be rooting for Denver>

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A little tid bit of sport's info, are you aware that the Indianapolis Colt's have never advanced beyond the stage they lost at . I'll bet the Bronco's win next week and it will be a Seattle Denver Championship Game with Seattle winning (my wishful thinking)...

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I watched both playoff games yesterday instead of my usual firewood gathering tasks. They were both great games. I have been following the Seahawks since the Zorn-Largent days in the 70s. I rather hope the Seahawks go to the Superbowl and win. I expect the Seahawks will beat the Panthers next Sunday. As for the Superbowl....? I think it will be Seahawks vs Broncos at the Superbowl.

Don M

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