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update on sis with sclc


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Went to see the oncologist today and we got good news. My sister responded very well to the chemo and the tumor/mass has shrunk considerably. He was very compassionate today and answered all of my questions and gave us both hugs. I finally got to see the real human side of him and I can overlook some attitude I guess. He said he wouldn't answer any questions last time because he wouldn't have the answers - just his way I suppose and he doesn't want to give any false answers or hope. The plan is to see the radiation doc later this week for 6-8 weeks of rads, blood once a week, port flushed every 4 weeks and then another scan after the radiation is done and back to see the oncologist and we will go from there. I continue to remain hopeful and satisfied with the plan now. Sis is doing great and keeps working. We are remaining positive and refuse to give up as we believe there is a lot of power in prayer. God Bless all of you and thanks for listening.


9/05 – Sister diagnosed sclc

10/05 – chemo started –Cisplatin and Etoposide

12/28/05 - 4 rounds of chemo completed

1/24/06 - CT shows considerable shrinking of tumor

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Hi Patti,

I am so delighted for your sisters good news. Shrinkage is good. Now she will start new treatments and I pray for her to have good results. You seem so much more calmer now, not as much stressed out and that is good.

You have a great attitude. Faith can move mountains and it has.

Good luck!! Keep us posted on ther progress.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Patti.

good news!

You can post on sclc, family/caregivers/, tests/results any old place. We will find you. You will find that sclc has different treatment plans than other lcancers. And other lc have differing tx plans than sclc. But, as luck would have it, none of it is any fun!

C'mon over to the pub if you are a drinking girl. And even if you aren't we will set you up with something yummy and best of all good company!

Cindi o'h

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Hi So glad to hear your sister is doing well.I have sclc w/brain mets. Dx 8/3/05 I had the same Chemo as your sister and radation to the lung at the same time.They did wbr before the Chemo for the brain mets.The tumor in the lung is gone and all but one lesion in the brain I get more scans the middle of Feb.If the brain leison is still there I will have Gamma Knife.Good luck to you and your sister.


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